How to Download a GIF from Twitter

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How to Download a GIF from Twitter

Reaction GIFs, or GIFs used to reply to other messages and comments without inputting any words, are more common on Twitter than anyplace else. With simple categorization options like Agree, Applause, High Five, and many more, Twitter offers a whole GIF search engine that makes it easy to discover the correct GIF to send, either in a direct message or in a reply tweet to someone else on your feed.

As you could guess, there will be a million GIFs on the platform that you like. Unfortunately, saving Twitter GIFs to your computer or phone is more difficult than it should be. When you right-click on the desktop site, you can copy the GIF URL, but that’s all you get!

Why is it so difficult to download and save GIFs from Twitter for offline use? Is it even feasible to download GIFs from Twitter to your computer or smartphone? Although the answer is negative, you may still get your GIF picture or download it as an mp4 movie and retain it in that format. This is how to get Twitter animated GIF pictures.

Remember that this is just for animated GIFs on Twitter, not real videos. If the picture is not currently playing, it will say GIF in the bottom-left corner.

Twitter GIFs are Not Real GIFs

Why can’t Twitter GIFs be saved as an image file on your computer or smartphone, exactly like any other website’s GIF? The solution may not be obvious at first, but any material on Twitter that isn’t a still shot cannot be downloaded.

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Instead, GIFs on Twitter employ an interface that resembles that of a video platform, but they lack the playback bar at the bottom of the display. That is why you can’t save Twitter GIFs to your computer: they aren’t GIFs at all. Instead, they are short video files in which Twitter transformed the animated GIF to a proprietary format in order to be more efficient and provide a smoother Twitter experience. On the other hand, you may transcode movies and share them on Twitter.

So, what does this imply for Twitter GIF downloads? The solution is to use a few of third-party tools. While it is not as easy as right-clicking on a picture and saving it to your computer, it is still a basic procedure. Let us investigate.

Saving a Twitter GIF on Mac

A Mac is the most convenient method to save a Twitter GIF. This is how!

Remember that retweeting the GIF will convert it back to Twitter’s hybrid format, just as it does with any animated GIF file.

The reason you can’t use EZGIF alone is because when you paste the Twitter link into their “Video to GIF (primary tab) -> Video to GIF (secondary tab)” page, it errors out or accomplishes nothing. What used to work no longer does. As a result, you must go back to EZGIF to convert your mp4 to a GIF.

Don’t worry if you can’t get EZGIF to operate on your device for any reason.

There are several websites that can convert Twitter GIFs, including:

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Saving a Twitter GIF on Windows

Because it utilizes a browser, saving Twitter GIFs on Windows is quite comparable to Mac.

    Saving a GIF on Your Phone

    Unfortunately, because to the limitations of mobile operating systems, maintaining a Twitter GIF on your smartphone is more difficult than downloading it on your PC. Still, some individuals depend on their cellphones for everything, and Twitter is even better in the palm of your hand. To unlock the GIF download on your smartphone, we’ll use the Twitter app for Android in conjunction with a few other apps. Let us investigate.

    Save Twitter GIFs Using Your Mobile Browser

    The most natural option, by far, is to just duplicate the GIF, as mentioned above. Copying the video link from the Twitter app is straightforward, and EZGIF offers a mobile site that makes exporting the GIF to your phone just as simple.

    The Second Solution: Use Dedicated Apps for iOS and Android

    In addition to the EZGIF mobile site, there are other non-website applications available for iOS and Android that do the same thing. The applications allow you to download and store material to your device rather than downloading it from a web browser, although accessing a web page is safer. If you want a specialized app that provides the same thing, there are tested and authorized apps. Just be prepared for advertisements!

    Tweet2GIF for Android is a specialized application that operates very similarly to EZGIF’s Video-to-GIF online tool. The app’s one limitation is the poorer quality conversion, but it works wonderfully overall!

    To access your GIF, you just need to click the convert button once, rather than converting it and then downloading it. Second, since it occurs inside the app interface, the GIFs are simpler to download and save than they would be otherwise. We did notice that the GIFs were of poorer quality than we would have expected from the platform, but it’s still a dependable software.

    For iOS, you should use GIFwrapped, a dependable GIF search engine that also allows you to convert Twitter GIFs into shareable ones.

    Because GIFwrapped stores its library inside the application, it’s simple to keep things secure while yet making them easily accessible!


    With your recently downloaded and saved GIF file from Twitter’s clutches, you may publish and distribute the moving image file everywhere you like! GIFs are an important aspect of the internet world since they allow websites to load quicker than real media files. Whether you use a specific program or download material from EZGIF or another reliable internet source, it’s critical to save the GIFs for future use. It’s also ridiculous that Twitter retains its GIFs in a video-like form, but happily, they can be converted and saved for the rest of us.

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