How to Disable Chrome’s Incognito Mode

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How to Disable Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode in Google Chrome is a useful tool. When utilizing a public computer or someone else’s device, it enables you to keep your browser history secret. You may also utilize it for personal purposes on your own device.

How to Disable Incognito Mode in Chrome

However, when it comes to your children, particularly if they are minors, the Incognito Mode is not so fantastic. They can use your home computer to browse any banned online fruit they want without you knowing. That is why the ability to prohibit the usage of Incognito Mode is essential.

How to Disable Incognito Mode in Windows

If you go through the Google Chrome settings, you will discover that there is no way to deactivate Incognito Mode. It would be quite useful if there was a way to restrict its usage using a password. Unfortunately, such an option does not exist, thus you will have to rely on some other options on your Windows PC.

    Windows Run Program
    Windows Registry
    Windows Registry 2
    Windows Registry 3
    Windows Registry Key
    Windows Registry Key 2
    Windows Registry Key 3
    Registry Value 2
  1. To make the changes take effect, exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer. Open Google Chrome after the restart. You’ll see that the option New Incognito Window is no longer accessible.

How to Enable Incognito Mode

To re-enable Incognito Mode in Chrome, just open the Registry Editor and set the IncognitoModeAvailability value to 0. Here’s a short rundown of the necessary actions.

    Windows Run Program
    Windows Registry
    Registry Value
  1. Finally, shut the Registry Editor and restart your computer to apply the modifications.
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How To Disable incognito Mode on a Mac

Yes, you can. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Close the Terminal application and restart your Mac.
  2. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-65-1.png

    When you launch Google Chrome, you will see that there is no option for New Incognito Window.

    To re-enable Incognito Mode, repeat the previous instructions with one exception. Simply change the “-integer 1” value at the end of the command line to “-integer 0” when you write it in (as shown in the last line of the screenshot above). After restarting your Mac, Incognito Mode will reappear in Google Chrome. Add a new item

    How to Disable Incognito Mode on an Android Device

    Disabling Incognito Mode on Android smartphones, unlike computers, cannot be accomplished by tinkering with the device’s settings. Fortunately, there are third-party smartphone applications that disable Incognito Mode.

    Incoquito is one such app. It provides a plethora of possibilities when installed on an Android smartphone. Of course, you can block any Incognito Mode tabs from opening. It may also enable the user to browse in Incognito Mode while still logging all events and actions. The program also offers notification options, which enable you to notify the user if their actions are tracked when browsing incognito.

    Incognito Away is a similar app. It not only blocks the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome, but it also works in a variety of other browsers. Microsoft Edge, Brave Browser, Iron Browser, Ecosia, Start Internet Browser, Yu Browser, and Google Chrome versions DEV, BETA, and Canary are among them.

    Although these applications are not free, they are reasonably priced. Especially when you consider that you can finally shield your children from any inappropriate stuff.

    Using Parental Controls

    If our solutions don’t work and you want to deactivate Incognito Mode, you may establish a child’s account on Google and install the ‘Family Link’ app. Google’s official position is that minors cannot access Incognito mode, so presuming you’re doing this to prevent a young kid from exploring anything on the internet, this is another valid choice.

    Google provides a whole support post on the issue, complete with links to assist you in getting things set up. We also have a help article that will lead you through the procedure step by step.

    Additional FAQ

    Can you disable incognito mode on an iPhone

    Unfortunately, you cannot disable Incognito Mode for Google Chrome on an iPhone or iPad. You may use Safari to ensure that no one uses your smartphone incognito. If this is critical to you, you should consider uninstalling Google Chrome from your device.

    Follow the instructions below to entirely deactivate Safari’s Private Browsing mode:

    By doing so, you will effectively block any private browsing on this device. Furthermore, the Private button that appears in the lower-left corner of the tab display in Safari will be removed.

    Of course, this action has an unintended consequence. By restricting adult material on a device, it will be unable to access any websites that Apple has identified as unsuitable for kids. If you absolutely need to, you can always use the passcode you set for this reason to deactivate the Limit Adult Content option.

    Incognito Mode No More

    After reading this tutorial, you should be able to deactivate Incognito Mode in Chrome as well as Private Browsing on iOS Safari. Finally, you can be certain that your children are not being exposed to improper web information. And, if you need to utilize Incognito Mode, no matter what device you’re using, activating it is a breeze.

    Have you successfully disabled Incognito Mode on your device? What is your primary motivation for removing this feature? Please leave your opinions in the space below.

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