How to Determine Who Owns a Phone Number and Block It

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How to Determine Who Owns a Phone Number and Block It

How can you find out who owns a phone number if you got a call and didn’t identify the caller? Do you call them back and risk being contacted by a marketer or sales agent? Do you ignore it and go about your business, or do you find out who it is and then determine whether or not to call them back? While most individuals get many robocalls each day, their curiosity frequently wins out and they want to know who phoned.

How to Find Whom a Phone Number Belongs To and Block Them

As you get more robocalls or scam calls promising too-good-to-be-true discounts, you’re more inclined to disregard calls from unknown numbers or numbers you don’t recognize. That’s OK for the most part since we know our family and friends’ phone numbers, but what if they used a different phone? What if you’re waiting for a response to a job offer or a callback from a contractor?

Knowing who owns a phone number is the best way to put your mind at peace. Genuine solutions, on the other hand, are typically not free, but they are also not expensive—a few bucks at most. This article explains your choices for determining who continues contacting you or determining who owns a certain number that phoned you once.

Identifying a Phone Number

There are a few effective methods for determining who owns a phone number. Most require fees to give extra information, however the expense is often justified. The cost is often less than four dollars, and you get a name, location, and phone connection type, such as landline or mobile.

1. Search on Google

In 2022, the majority of individuals will utilize Google to find answers to all of their inquiries. Discovering who is calling you is no different. This is generally the first option to try since Google’s algorithm is so well-programmed that you can tell right away whether the phone number is from a company.

If the number dialed is from a landline or a trustworthy firm, it will most likely provide accurate information immediately.

Google isn’t the greatest approach to identify a phone number, even with its algorithmic accuracy; but, it is quick. Many websites allow you to leave comments on a phone number, write a review, or assist in the identification of phone numbers. It isn’t always the most informative, but it may often identify a legitimate company phone number.

If the number shown on the call is a landline, Google might also be of assistance. Finding mobile phone numbers is tough since they are protected by legislation. You normally have to pay to acquire further information about such numbers.

Another useful feature of Google is the ability to look up the area code. If the call was not faked by a computer or program, you may utilize the initial digits to determine where it originated from. If the call is from a faraway city but you have relatives or friends there, it may be sufficient to return the call. However, unless connected to a website, company, or complaint, mobile phone numbers are not published online.

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2. Use Reverse Phone Lookup

When you know the phone number but not the owner, there are many options for doing a reverse phone search. These solutions are useful for determining who owns the phone number. Websites such as Whitepages, WhoCallsMe, Pipl, Spokeo, and Numberville may all be of use.

Many websites provide some information for free, but not enough to assure accuracy or identify the true source of the call. Websites demand a fee to acquire access to identifying information, or they offer you a suggestion as to who owns the number and ask you to pay to find out for sure. Keep in mind that the information may not represent the current owner, although it is often accurate.

The circumstances described above apply to both landline and mobile phone numbers. Those mentioned above provide enough information to determine who owns the number.

3. Browse and Search Social media

If the number is linked to a corporation, it will almost certainly be publicized on social media. This is particularly true if the caller is a robocaller or a fraudster, since many people will complain about it on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere. It would be worthwhile to enter the number into your preferred social network and search for it.

Navigate to one of the many prominent social media platforms and enter the phone number into the search field. If a company, person, or organization shows, you’ve located your mystery caller.

4. Call the Number

You might also phone the number again. This is probably the simplest method, but you risk phoning someone you don’t want to call.

To conceal your identity, dial *67 before calling the number. Because your phone number will not appear on the recipient’s phone, you are not validating that your phone number is active if it is a marketer or fraudster. You have the option of speaking with the person on the other end. If you don’t want to speak to them, you may hang up or listen for a time, and they won’t know who called if you dialed *67.

How to Block a Phone Number

If you get a lot of marketing calls from the same number(s), or if you identify a caller and wish to stop them, you may block the number(s) on your phone. The block is handled by your device and provider. Mobile users will display a failed call in their call history, but landline users will go unnoticed.

Keep in mind that marketers and fraudsters sometimes use multiple numbers or transmit a phony number to entice you to respond or allow the call to go through, making it difficult to determine who phoned you.

How to Block a Phone Number on Android

Once you’ve determined who phoned you, there are a few options for blocking a phone number on Android, depending on the make, model, and operating system of your device. The quickest method is to go right to the call log. This is how.

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Options may show vary depending on your make, model, and operating system. However, the procedure remains the same.

Any calls from that number will now be banned on your Android phone. If necessary, you may also unblock them afterwards.

How to Block a Phone Number on iPhone

The procedure is the same on an iPhone and an Android handset.

  1. Go to Recents and look for the call on the list.
  2. Confirm your selection, and you’re finished.

How to Block a Phone Number on Landlines

Different networks may have different ways, but in the United States, call *60 and enter the number you wish to block. Some networks charge for call blocking, and you may need to activate it first. If this is the case, you should hear an audio prompt.

Finally, determining who contacted you has become a major subject these days, particularly because robocalls don’t stop, telemarketers continue to push services or goods, and fraudsters continue to attempt to take personal information or swindle you out.

Once you know who is calling, you may either block them or react if they are a desired caller, such as a distant family member, a medical institution, a firm from whom you purchased, or even a neighbor.

Remember that non-legitimate callers often change numbers in order to continue calling or to deceive you with a local phone number in order to get you to respond. Those instances are difficult to prevent, but you do have some power. Your smartphone and service provider may give a feature that notifies you based on a certain number’s call history, which would show as “Potential Fraud,” “Potential Scammer,” “Private Number,” and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains further answers to your phone number-related queries.

How do I find out where an area code is from?

There are 317 geographical area codes in the United States. The number of area codes in the United States varies with population. Because phone numbers reflect areas, you may readily determine the location of a caller by checking up the area code.

Most smartphones already display the state that corresponds to the area code. However, if you’re using a landline or need to know a precise location, you’ll have to seek up an area code. You may make a simple search of the area code using your preferred search engine or utilize an online tool like All Area Codes. The latter will allow you search by area code or city and state.

I signed up for the Do Not Call Registry, but I’m still getting spam calls. What’s happening?

The Do Not Call Registry is a service maintained by the FCC that enables anybody with a phone number to join up free of charge. Unfortunately, only trustworthy organizations comply with this criteria. If you’ve signed up but continue to get spam calls, it’s because the numbers reaching out to you aren’t authentic companies.

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Another bad element of spam callers is that there isn’t a method to stop all of them. While you may block the numbers individually, a majority of the spam calls originate from auto-dialers and systems that produce new phone numbers periodically. This implies that you’ll continue to get some calls regardless of the safeguards you take.

What do the different parts of a phone number mean?

If you’re interested in better knowing where a caller is, you may simply analyze the phone number. For example, the initial numbers reflect the nation of origin (the U.S. is ‘+1’). Next is the area code, three numbers that come from a particular region or state (some states have numerous area codes while others only have one) (some states have several area codes while others only have one).

After the area code, you’ll discover the Exchange code (also known as the Central Office Code) (also known as the Central Office Code). This code is the three numbers that follow the area code and denote a more specific region. Although not as important now as it was in the days of POTS landlines, the Central Office Code formerly offered consumers the neighborhood.

Lastly, the four digits at the end of the phone number constitute a unique identification known as the Subscriber Number.

Should I call a Robocaller back?

While it may be tempting to call a phone number back, we don’t suggest returning their call if you don’t know who is contacting you. Scammers are continuously seeking for methods to abuse innocent individuals. For example, some robocallers merely want to test whether your phone number works. Others want to charge you for the phone call (i.e., an international call) (i.e., an international call).

Therefore, it isn’t a good idea to call the number back.

What do I do if I suspect a scammer is calling me?

One of the most frequent scams is building urgency and dread in the receiver urging them to call back and pay penalties or debts. If you believe a number phoning you is spam, seek up the company’s phone number and call them directly.

Even if the number appears authentic, it’s a good idea to contact the firm back using an official phone number (one you locate via Google, a piece of mail, etc). (one you find using Google, a piece of mail, etc.). At one point, spammers faked AT&T’s customer support phone number to collect payments and stole the client’s money. Therefore, it’s never a smart idea to offer your payment information to someone who contacts you.

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