How to Determine Whether Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage

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How to Determine Whether Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage

Many iPhone and iPad users use the iMessage app to communicate and exchange photographs and videos, but how do you determine if someone has banned you? Unfortunately, users are not notified if one of their contacts has blocked them.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on iMessage

However, there are steps you may take to determine whether this is the case. We’ll go through a several strategies you may use to see whether someone has blocked you on iMessage in this post.

How to Check if Someone Blocked You on iMessage

The only way to know whether someone has blocked you is if they tell you, which is rare. Nonetheless, attempting all of the strategies outlined below will provide you with a decent picture of where you stand.

Method 1 – Check the Color of the Text Bubble

On iOS devices, there is a distinction between iMessage and SMS/MMS. When two iPhone users utilize Wi-Fi or mobile data to message one other, their text bubbles become blue, indicating that they’re utilizing the iMessage service.

However, if your recipient isn’t connected to the internet, the text bubble will appear green. That’s because you’re no longer using iMessage but sending an SMS. So, if your text bubble was blue and one day turns green, that can be a red flag. The person you’re speaking to might not have an internet connection or may have changed to an Android device. But if the color of the text bubble changes and they also take a while to reply, that could be an indication that they’ve blocked you.

Method 2 – Check the iMessage Delivery Status

Was there a Delivered or Read status beneath your previously sent iMessage that has now vanished? This might indicate that the person you’re messaging has blocked you on iMessage.

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However, it is possible that they have disabled the “Send Read Receipts” option. It doesn’t mean they haven’t seen your message; it simply means they don’t want you to know they have.

This isn’t the same as being blocked, but it might feel that way if you never receive a reply. The sudden change in the iMessage delivery status could indicate an intentional block or a need for more privacy.

Method 3 – Check Other Messaging Apps

This technique is useful if you or the person you’re texting use another messaging program.

So, if you’re not getting a response on iMessage, and the delivery status isn’t available, try messaging them somewhere else. If you’re not blocked on other platforms as well, your message will be delivered when your contact is online. If you don’t receive a response when trying a different messaging app, you’ve either been blocked, or the person doesn’t want to respond.

Method 4 – Give Them a Call

If you have banned someone on their iPhone, they will not receive your call. When you call their number, the phone will ring once before going to voicemail.

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Granted, this might also indicate that they are too busy to speak. However, if this occurs every time you phone, you may have been blocked.

Remember that even if you leave a voicemail, the person won’t get a notification about it and likely won’t hear it.

Method 5 – Check Your Device

Before assuming the worst, look for problems on your end. Perhaps the other person wasn’t replying because you were offline and didn’t realize it.

Another possibility is that the Messages app is down for some users. While these events are rare, they do happen from time to time.|

How to Block Someone on iMessage

It may be difficult to determine if you’ve been banned on iMessage, but you can easily block someone. This is how it works:

No Foolproof Solution

It’s never pleasant to be blocked. It’s much terrible when it’s from someone you’ve been chatting with on iMessage. Maybe there’s a reason you believe they blocked you, or maybe their unexpected departure perplexes you.

In any case, finding out whether they’ve blocked you may be impossible unless they acknowledge it. You may examine the text bubble color, delivery receipts, and whether or not you’re banned on other messaging applications. If the findings are unclear, you might try contacting them via phone.

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However, if they do not react, you will be left wondering.

Have you ever been blocked in the past? What were your techniques of verification? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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