How to Determine the Identity of an Unknown Caller

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How to Determine the Identity of an Unknown Caller

If you routinely get unsolicited calls from unfamiliar numbers, you’re undoubtedly annoyed and seeking for solutions.

How To Find out Who an Unknown Caller Is

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent it since you don’t know what that number looks like. So, what are your choices?

This essay will teach you all you need to know to identify the mystery caller.

How Do Callers Hide Their Phone Number?

First and foremost, how do these folks conceal their phone numbers when they contact you?

Because of the No Caller ID function, anybody may conceal their phone number. When you make this sort of call, you will be identified as an Unknown Caller. It just takes a few numbers to get started.

Enter *67 before the phone number you want to dial. This step will immediately disable your caller ID. The number you would call would be *67-555-555-0000.

The No Caller ID option is often used to avoid being tracked; nevertheless, some individuals abuse it for harassment and other illicit purposes. That is why you must understand how to unmask the caller’s phone number.

The section that follows explains how to identify an unfamiliar caller.

How to Find out Who an Unknown Caller Is

Discovering the identity of an unknown caller allows you to ban them and stop receiving their annoying calls. Here are several various approaches for identifying an unfamiliar caller.

1. Call Your Phone Company

Because phone companies retain records of your prior calls, they frequently provide an Anonymous Caller ID service to its clients. You may activate the *57 service depending on your carrier. The unknown phone number and potentially other minor data are revealed by this star code.

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Unfortunately, not every carrier provides this feature, and those that do often charge a price for using it. Whether the techniques listed below do not work for you, check with your phone company to see if dialing *57 would disclose unknown callers. However, you must dial the star code immediately after the anonymous call.

2. Use TrapCall

TrapCall is one of the most trustworthy services for unmasking and blocking unknown phone numbers.

The TrapCall app allows its users to:

  • Unmask any phone number.
  • With No Caller ID enabled, you may hide a caller’s name, address, and picture.
  • Put these phone numbers on a blacklist so that when they call again, they get a message saying your number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
  • Use spam call blocking software.
  • Use incoming call recording.

All you have to do to utilize TrapCall is sign up for the service on the official website. The service is then activated on your mobile phone. The procedure normally takes around 5 minutes and is rather simple.

When you first set up TrapCall, you must deny any calls with no caller ID. TrapCall then forwards the number to their system, unmasks the caller, and gives you an alert with the actual number and some extra information.

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TrapCall is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones. Unfortunately, this service is not accessible outside of the United States.

TrapCall provides a free trial period. You may try it out by registering here.

Blocking Unwanted Calls

Fortunately, mobile phone makers have made it easy to block unknown calls by including built-in alternatives. However, keep in mind that many fraudsters attempt to use a new phone number each time.

Block Unwanted Calls on iPhone (iOS 13 or later)

  1. Go to Settings.

Block Unwanted Calls on Android:

  1. Start the Dialer app on your Android device.
  2. Block Specific Numbers

    Once you’ve determined the number of an unknown caller, you may quickly block them using the capabilities of your smartphone.

    How to Block Specific Numbers on iPhone

    iPhone users may simply block calls by following these steps:

    When this occurs, the caller will only hear a message indicating that you are not taking calls or something similar.

    How to Block Specific Numbers on Android

    Android instructions differ based on the brand, model, and software version, but they should be very similar for most phones.

    1. Launch the phone’s dialer.

    Even if you have blocked the number that is phoning, the user will never know. They will get a message similar to that of a disconnected phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here is some more information to assist you comprehend unfamiliar calls.

    Can my telephone provider tell me who the unknown caller is?

    Unfortunately, providers are unable to reveal the identity of an unknown caller. Otherwise, user privacy and genuine calls may be jeopardized. You cannot get this information from a carrier, whether you contact your cellphone or landline provider, since carriers do not trace unknown calls.

    Are unknown calls dangerous?

    While the majority of phone calls you get are harmless and serve no purpose other than to annoy you, you should be wary of any unfamiliar calls. Of course, you should ignore their calls. This is a fraud, and the number you can’t see might be from an overseas location, which means your carrier will charge you a high premium for replying. In addition, if the caller is legitimate and the information is critical, they will leave a voicemail.

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