How to Determine an Address Based on a Phone Number

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How to Determine an Address Based on a Phone Number

Have you ever had to look up someone’s address? A fast Google search will enough for companies and retailers. What about a person’s home address? Many individuals are unaware that a reverse phone search may be used to identify an address associated with a phone number.

How to Find an Address from a Phone Number

We’ll teach you how to discover an address from a phone number in several countries in this post. We’ll also highlight some of the top websites for doing so.

How to Find an Address from a Phone Number in the US

Finding someone may be simpler than you expected. There are several websites and services available to assist you in locating someone’s location, phone number, or name. Furthermore, the majority of these services are free.

A telephone directory is the most convenient method to locate someone. All you need is the person’s name to locate their phone number, home address, or company address. The reverse phone search accomplishes the opposite, assisting you in locating someone’s address using their phone number.

If you’re wondering why these websites exist at all, there are a few explanations. To begin, a reverse phone search might assist you in determining the identify of the individual who has been phoning you. This is very helpful when dealing with unfamiliar phone numbers or spam calls. Aside from determining the identity of your caller, the reverse phone directory may assist you in determining where someone resides.

In the United States, you may utilize Whitepages, AnyWho, and AllAreaCodes to seek for someone’s address from a phone number.

Keep in mind that finding someone’s address using a mobile phone number is far more difficult. If you have the person’s home phone number, utilize it. Unless you’re ready to pay a charge, reverse mobile phone lookups normally reveal far less information.

How to Find an Address with Whitepages

Whitepages provides free services for locating someone’s address. This website has approximately 500 million US phone numbers. Aside from looking up someone’s location, Whitepages may be used to look up a phone number, run a background check, acquire carrier information, locate a company, and even search for probable criminal records. Some of these capabilities, however, are only accessible to Whitepages Premium users.

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To discover an address with a phone number on Whitepages, follow these steps:

The service will also inform you if the number is affiliated with a mobile phone or a landline. If you input a landline phone number, you’ll receive information on the owner’s name, address, affiliated companies, or even related addresses.

If you input a mobile phone number, however, the information you get is significantly more restricted. You can, for example, identify which cell provider is giving the number and its location. You’ll need to subscribe to Whitepages Premium to find out their address.

If the phone number you provided isn’t listed on our website, you’ll get the “No match found” page. If this occurs, go to the Alternative Searches section. You may use the Area Code Lookup or Reverse Area Code functions.

How to Find an Address with AnyWho

Another excellent resource for locating someone’s address is AnyWho. It provides “Yellow Pages,” “People Search,” and “Reverse Phone Lookup” services. Follow the steps below to locate someone’s address using AnyWho:

AnyWho will promptly tell you who owns the phone number. On the results page, you will be able to evaluate all of the accessible information. Remember that AnyWho will only supply you with this information if you use a landline number. A mobile phone number will not provide you with the address.

How to Find an Address with AllAreaCodes

You may use the AllAreaCodes website to look for addresses in the United States and Canada. It also provides a list of all area codes organized by state and nation. This website has almost 80 million registered phone numbers.

To locate an address using AllAreaCodes, follow these steps:

  1. Review the results page.

AllAreaCodes will provide you their name and address, as well as their phone number. Even if the phone number you entered isn’t listed on our page, you’ll find out the most probable city they reside in, their service provider, time zone, and a map of the phone number.

How to Find an Address from a Phone Number in the UK

In the United Kingdom, you may also use someone’s phone number to determine their address. Free-lookup and Who-called are the most popular UK reverse phone search websites. Both of these websites employ reverse phone search to assist you in identifying your caller. While they do provide free services, pinpointing someone’s specific location typically costs money.

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You may use Free-Lookup to get a phone number for a landline or a mobile phone. You are not required to register or give any personal information on this website. This service may also help you find phone numbers in different counties.

Simply go to the Free-Lookup website, enter in the phone number, and search for it. What’s even better about Free-Lookup is that it tells you how many times this specific phone number has been searched. If the number is found in their database, you’ll be able to see the last time it was searched. You may also report it as spam if you wish.

The whole report contains the residence address, social media accounts, phone numbers, and other information. However, you must pay a price for this kind of data.

You may also use Who-called to look up a UK phone number. It’s great for spam calls since it allows you to see comments from past call receivers.

How to Find an Address from a Phone Number in Australia

Reverse phone lookups were not previously lawful in Australia, however there are now several websites where you may locate someone’s address in Australia. Reverse Australia is the finest website to utilize for this.

Unlike the other services listed so far, this reverse phone search service requires you to check in using your Facebook account. You may skip this step, but you won’t obtain the address. Follow the steps below to locate someone’s address using Reverse Australia:

You may also check whether any previous comments have been connected with the phone number you supplied. You may not only utilize the comments area to warn others that the number is a scammer or spam, but your contribution will also be 100% anonymous.

Unlisted and silent numbers are also accepted by Reverse Australia.

How to Find an Address from a Phone Number in Canada

AllAreaCodes and Canada411 can help you discover an address from a phone number in Canada.

As previously said, AllAreaCodes is a web database that assists you in identifying callers from both the United States and Canada. You may get a list of Canadian area codes by scrolling down the main page. To locate an address from a Canadian phone number, follow these steps:

That’s the end of it. You will be sent to the results page, where you will find the address you are searching for.

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Canada411 is another fantastic resource for this. Here’s how to use it to look for someone’s address in Canada:

To get more thorough information, you may need to register for this website using your Facebook account.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section has been included to address any additional queries you may have.

Should I pay for the detailed results?

The answer depends on how urgently you want the information and if you are utilizing a trusted source. There is no shortage of fraud websites on the internet nowadays, so choose one that you trust before entering any payment information.

How accurate are the results?

Based on our testing in January 2022, the WhitePages findings for landlines were spot on. However, the city and state on some of the mobile phone numbers we utilized were inaccurate. Finally, as previously said, these strategies are better for landlines than mobile phones.

Find Out Your Caller’s Identity

When you get calls from an unknown number, reverse phone number lookups are quite useful. There are hundreds of reverse phone lookup websites available, some of which are entirely free. Using these approaches will provide you with the address as well as other information.

Have you ever attempted to look out someone’s address using just their phone number? Which reverse phone lookup service did you employ? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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