How to Delete All of Your Google Activity

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How to Delete All of Your Google Activity

Consumers who want to minimize their internet exposure may be proactive in securing their data and online activity. It is easy and effective to limit a company’s capacity to acquire your personal information. You may remove your Google Activity and control how much of your online data is gathered with Google.

“Doesn’t using Google Incognito mode and removing my browser history protect my data?”

That is not exactly correct. People often believe that erasing their online search history on a regular basis would keep them private and protected. This is not true. Your anonymity is still exposed by your ISP while using an incognito tab, and that information is offered to huge businesses willing to pay for the data being gathered.

Google’s policies may be as murky as their algorithm, but there are other options that emphasize your privacy. DuckDuckGo is one of them, and it does not monitor your internet activity. Others like the browser Brave. It’s a safe browser that lets you switch between search engines whenever you want.

You will almost certainly continue to use Google as your search engine, but you may wish to take control of the data acquired by deleting part, or all, of your browsing activities. If you’ve ever authorized Google to monitor your position, you’ll need to erase a few items individually, such as your maps activity.

Google preserves details of how you used its web browser, even if you erase everything. This implies that when you run a search, it will remember what you looked for and when you searched for it. According to Google, once you activate the erasure, all of your data will be destroyed.

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Those of you who want to maintain your Google account should consider alternative choices. These are the alternatives we shall discuss in this essay.

Managing Your Google Activity Controls

Clearing your Google history permanently will assist you in achieving your objective of preserving control over your online identity. You should also learn how to personalize your Activity Controls.

Unless you deactivate Google Activity, it will continue to keep track of your search and browsing history. Google will no longer be able to collect and keep such data from you in the future if you deactivate it.

We’ll start by turning off any Google Activity that you don’t want saved. In your attempt to improve your internet security, you might be particular or just eliminate it altogether. This ensures that the supplied information is not monitored. It’s a simple activity that can be completed by doing the following:

    Google Account - Activity Controls
    Google Account - Activity Controls - Location History
    Google Account - Activity Controls - Pause Location History

If you remove all of your browser history, your stored passwords will be deleted as well. Before you continue, make sure you remember your passwords. If you already have a Password Manager program installed, such as LastPass, this operation will have no effect.

Before we go over how to delete all of your current Google Activity, we’ll go over how to archive it for personal use. So, if you want to be able to download your Google search history, go to the following part.

Downloading Your Google Search/Browser History

If you think you’ll wish to look back fondly on any of your former browsing adventures, Google offers a mechanism to save your search history. To get an archived list of your surfing history so that you may always retrieve the data, you must:

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    Google Account Homepage
    Google Account - Download Your Data
    Google Account - Data to Include
    Google Account - Data Download
    Google Account - Data Download - File type
  1. Depending on the services you’ve linked to your Google Account, your data archive will be ready for you at the delivery method of your choosing. You may download the file to your computer from this page (or Mac).

Now onto the deletion process.

Deleting Your Google Browser History

Starting the Google Chrome browser from your computer. Make sure you’re signed into your Google account and then proceed as follows:

    Chrome Menu - History
    Chrome History Tab
    Chrome History Deletion Options
    • The Basic tab will show you three possibilities, while the Advanced tab will show you a couple more. If you wish to thoroughly clean your browser history, go to the Advanced tab and choose all of the menu items that apply.
    • There is also a drop-down menu labeled Time range which allows you to select how much history you want to be delete. Choosing All Time deletes everything.
    Chrome History - Clear Data

How to Delete Your Google Activity

Surprisingly, removing your search history is not the same as erasing your browser history. In order to carry out this action:

Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account, then go to My Activity and do the following:

    Google Account - Delete Activity By
    Google Account - Delete Activity
    Google Account - Delete Activity Selection
    Google Account - Delete Activity - Confirm

You may also use the other drop-down choices to pick individual products or activities rather than all of them. Browse by day or product from the Delete activity by page, or use the search box on the My Activity page to find particular things.

Other Google activity displays all of the individual activities that Google monitors. If you want further information, you may click on Manage Activity for most of them. You may also erase the information collected for any of these actions from their respective sites.

Your PC (or Mac) Google browsing history is now considerably secure than when you started, but what about your phones and tablets? Deleting all of your Google activity, including mobile devices, can undoubtedly help you better your online privacy.

Deleting Your Android & iOS Device Google Search History

To delete your Google search history from your smartphone or tablet, follow these steps:

Google has effectively monopolized the internet at this point. It is now up to the person to ensure that sensitive information is not made public. It is feasible to restrict at least some of the privacy invasion concerns by utilizing Google’s settings, so this is a good place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I delete all of my Google Activity, will Google still have information about my searches?

Yes, Google will remember that you used the search tool, but it will not remember what you looked for. You must deactivate your complete Google Account if you want to eliminate everything.

Can I set my Activity to delete automatically?

No, unfortunately. While there are some things you can stop tracking on the Activity page a thorough cleaning needs to be done manually. Scroll through your options on the Google Activity page and toggle off the activity you’d like to prevent Google from tracking.

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