How to Convert a PDF to an Editable Document Doc to PDF and Google Doc

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How to Convert a PDF to an Editable Document Doc to PDF and Google Doc

You may have been working on your history essay for many weeks and are now ready to submit it. Or maybe you’ve downloaded a PDF publication and want to make some changes to it.

Now the questions begin to surface. How do you convert your file to the format you want? Trying to find this out on your own may lead to a lot of lost time. Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the correct spot. You’ll leave today understanding how to easily convert a PDF file into a Google Doc (and vice versa). Writing a text document with Google Docs is a good option since you can do so in seconds.

How to Convert a PDF File Into a Google Doc

PDF is one of the most used file types on the internet. This format is used for millions of books, periodicals, magazines, brochures, and pamphlets. Imagine you’ve prepared all of your papers and are ready to begin editing them, but you’re stuck on how to convert them to a Google Doc so you can edit them. Simply follow these few instructions.

Here are a few things you should know before we jump in:

  • Your PDF file should be no more than 2Mb in size.
  • It is most effective when your text is written in Arial or Times New Roman.
  • If the photos are not too crisp, the post-conversion quality of each one may suffer.
  • Your Doc should be aligned correctly. If not, ensure that it is rotated.
  • If you don’t mind losing the original file format, you’ll simply need Google Drive and the PDF you want to convert.
  • If you want to maintain the formatting of your PDF files, you’ll also need to utilize Microsoft Office Word.

Convert a PDF File Into a Google Doc without Any Formatting

The quickest and most easy method is to use your Google Drive to convert a PDF file into a Google Doc. If you don’t mind losing the original layout of your PDF file, you can have your Doc version ready in seconds.

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It should be noted that this editable conversion is only available on a desktop computer. If you attempt these procedures on your phone, your PDF will be converted to a read-only Word file, and you will be unable to make any changes.

  1. Put the “PDF file” to Google Drive. You have two options:

If your PDF includes plain text, Google Docs performs an excellent job. However, if you have a large number of images, charts, or tables, you may obtain poor results, with some areas not even converting.

Bonus tip: Keep in mind that your converted file still includes the extension.pdf in its name. That circumstance happens because Docs copied the name of your original PDF file. If you need to download your work after finishing editing, choose “File > Download as > Microsoft Word (.docx).”

Convert a PDF File Into Google Docs using Microsoft Word Formatting

If you don’t care about the formatting of your original work, Google Docs will perform a terrific job; if you do, Microsoft Word will be of little use. Making a structured Google Doc may need a few more steps, but we’ll walk you through them.

  1. Wait a few seconds for Word to complete the conversion. Your text will be the same in terms of space, font formatting, indentations, and so on. However, if the original copy has a lot of images, the converted version may not appear the same.
  2. When the document has been converted, choose “File -> Save as Google Docs.”

You have successfully converted your PDF file to Google Docs while retaining the original file format. It takes a little longer to convert your files this method, but it is well worth it. Consider how much time you’d waste if you had to manually format your document back to its original state.

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How to Export a Google Doc to PDF

It will just take a few seconds to convert a Google Doc to PDF. You may do so from the Google Docs menu, and no extra software is required.

Export Google Doc as PDF via Download

Google Docs will now save the file to your computer’s default location.

Export Google Doc as PDF via Email

Both methods are rather straightforward and will just take a few seconds of your time—no more spending time searching through a sea of applications that will convert files for you. You now have complete control over your work, from authoring to exporting.

To summarize, PDFs are without a doubt one of the most handy formats for transferring information. The same file is seen in the same manner by all devices. Nothing should go in the way of you producing and sharing a file. The thorough procedures above show you many methods for quickly converting PDFs to Google Docs files and vice versa.

PDF-to-Editable Google Doc Conversion FAQs

Why should you use Google Docs to convert and edit PDF files?

The solution is fairly straightforward. Google Docs is by far the quickest and easiest method to convert and edit PDF files. It literally takes seconds to convert a PDF file.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of internet software programs that do the same function. Some of them, such as,, and pdffiller, are very useful, but they come at a cost. You don’t have to keep track of free trials with Google Docs. Furthermore, being a Google product, “Docs” is one of the most trustworthy methods to convert your files.

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How do you uninstall PDF files?

Perhaps you downloaded the incorrect PDF file, or you no longer need one. If this is the case, you may delete the file from the saved place by right-clicking on it and choosing “Remove” or “Delete.” Simply removing the file from your “Recycle Bin” will completely eliminate it from your computer.

How do you make a PDF document for free?

Google Docs allows you to export and convert files to PDF for free. You just need a Google account.

You may work with PDFs on a regular basis, and your job may rely on them. In such situation, you might think about acquiring an Adobe Acrobat membership. It is the greatest application on the market for creating, converting, and editing documents.

How do you change a PDF file into a Word document?

You may convert your PDF to Word using one of various websites, such as Adobe, PDF2DOC, or Smallpdf. Please keep in mind that certain apps/add-ons may only allow you to convert a limited amount of documents, or they may convert your file into an uneditable Word document unless you subscribe to one of their plans. The Google Docs program is completely free and without restrictions, however it may change the look of photos or layout in certain circumstances.

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