How to Connect an Apple Watch to an Android Phone

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How to Connect an Apple Watch to an Android Phone

We adore Android, but if we’re being honest, Apple has them beat when it comes to smartwatches. Though early Apple Watches received mixed reviews, the latest generation of Apple’s technical accessories has really matured.

How To Pair an Apple Watch with an Android Phone

While Wear OS and the Galaxy Watch offer some wonderful features—and certain devices we truly like—watches Apple’s have greater battery life and more sophisticated functionality than what we’ve seen from Google.

You can link an Apple Watch with an Android phone, despite the fact that it is not marketed, although there are several limits. Apple maintains on its website that you can only sync an Apple Watch with an iPhone, which is mainly correct since the pairing software is only available on iOS.

But here’s the thing: if you have an LTE Apple Watch, you can cut a number of corners on your phone and watch to make it work with Android. This isn’t something you should go out and get an Apple Watch for, but if you’ve switched to Android and are still trying to get your Apple Watch to function, you may want to try this. Let’s get started.

Pairing an Apple Watch with an Android Device

In this scenario, we basically link the Apple Watch with your iPhone and configure everything so that it works, then put the iPhone in airplane mode and change the SIM card into an Android phone. While it is not guaranteed to operate, we were able to get ours to work in the workplace.

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Because you’ll be switching SIM cards, you’ll need two unlocked phones, one Android and one iPhone. This will only work on unlocked phones unless you have two SIM cards for the same provider.

  1. Connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone.
  2. Make a test call or two to ensure everything is working.
  3. Put the iPhone into airplane mode so it cannot reach out.
  4. Turn off the Apple Watch.
  5. Switch the SIM card from your iPhone to your Android phone and turn it on.
  6. Turn on the Apple Watch.
  7. The Apple Watch-Android Experience

    In the workplace, I experimented with a new Apple Watch, an iPhone, and my Samsung Galaxy S7. The Apple Watch took a long time to connect at first, and the signal was a touch hazy. A simple trip outdoors to a stronger signal, on the other hand, had the watch connecting quicker and with considerably better call quality.

    I could ask Siri to call contacts on my phone if I used the name stored on the SIM rather than the phone. The call quality was decent, with a strong signal; but, other from sending a message and checking the weather, I couldn’t get Siri to do anything else.

    Limitations and Setbacks

    Once connected, you should be able to make and receive calls, as well as utilize Siri for some basic tasks. As far as I can determine, the two devices are not interacting directly. They instead interact over the network, which is why only the most basic functions are available using this manner.

    You will be unable to utilize any of the Apple Watch’s more complex functionalities. You will clearly be unable to use the SmartWatch software on your Android phone and will be limited to making and receiving calls and asking Siri simple queries.

    Voice commands may be used to make calls as long as the contacts are kept on your SIM rather than your Android phone. Another constraint will be battery life. The Apple Watch doesn’t have a great battery to begin with, but by continually utilizing LTE, that battery won’t last long.

    I’m thinking that, apart from attempting it just because you can, the only time you’d want to use this hack is if something happened to your iPhone and you really needed to use your Apple Watch. Otherwise, it is essentially ineffective. Most smart functionalities on the watch are inaccessible, and Android has a plethora of smartwatches that operate inside its own ecosystem. Many provide more functions than this hack allows.

    However, we have shown that you can link an Apple Watch with an Android phone and get it to operate after some major device invasion. Do you see any use for this? Do you want to test it? Were you successful in getting it to work? Tell us about your experiences below!

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