How to Change Your Google Account’s Default

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How to Change Your Google Account’s Default

You most likely have many Google accounts. Each one gives you access to each Google service. But what if you wish to alter your default Google or Gmail account? Yes, you may change your default Gmail account by changing the default Google account. Let’s get this party started.

How to Change the Default Google Account on Windows, Mac, or Chromebook

Whether you use Windows, a Chromebook, or a Mac, you’ll be relieved to know that everything works the same across all platforms. This is due to the fact that you visit Google via a browser on all computers. Google always uses your default account to launch new windows. Google also makes the initial login the default, which is why you must first sign out of all accounts. On Windows or Mac computers, here’s how to change your default Google account, which also changes your default Gmail.

Following the completion of the processes outlined above, your default Google account should open with each new window, and entering Gmail should also bring up your default Gmail.

If you select a different account in the same window, your first login account usually shows as Default in the list of accounts. This feature helps identify the current default profile.

Select the appropriate profile in the upper-right column, then click “Gmail.” Google will open the email account page for the currently chosen profile. Of course, if you are presently logged in with your default Google account, it will load your default Gmail account.

How to Change the Default Google Account on Mobile

Unfortunately, utilizing the Mobile app to manage your Google account is difficult. Not all choices are available, and you may have difficulty selecting the device’s default account. As a result, it is suggested that you change your default Google account via the Google Chrome app. This procedure is the same as the last one for Windows and Mac platforms.

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Follow the steps below to change your default Google account or Gmail using the Chrome Gmail interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why change the default Google account?

For one thing, you’re undoubtedly annoyed that your smartphone continues signing you into a mail account you don’t use very frequently, no matter how many times you switch to your preferred Gmail account. Making another account the default may be really liberating.

Then there’s the issue of various gadgets. Assume you have a work computer and a home PC. When you use your home PC, you presumably want your home Gmail, and you probably don’t want your work computer logging you into your home Gmail. However, you may need access to your business Gmail from your home computer and vice versa. It is critical to set distinct Gmail accounts as the default for each device.

Can I change the default Google account without logging out of all accounts?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your default Google or Gmail account without first checking out of all profiles. The default Gmail account may only be selected in the first profile you enter into. Of course, you’ll have to log into all of the additional Google/Gmail accounts you wish to have access to on your tablet.

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How do you switch between Google accounts?

To quickly switch between Gmail accounts:

1. Click your profile icon.

2. Choose the Google account you wish to examine, and then go to Gmail if necessary.

Other Google services may be accessed through the app menu to the left of your profile symbol. When you complete and exit the browser window, Google Chrome (or any other browser) will continue to open with the default settings the next time you open it.

How many Google Accounts can I have?

You are free to have as many Google accounts or Gmail accounts as you like. There is currently no restriction in place. The more accounts you have, though, the more convoluted things get.

Email is now used for more than simply conversation; it is also used to receive subscriptions, special offers, and sites that need an email address, among other things. Separating certain emails from others by having different Google accounts is unquestionably advantageous. Viewing particular account data (emails, subscriptions, preferences, and so on) is therefore as simple as selecting a different profile.

Can I have two Gmail accounts with the same phone number?

Gmail accounts are often paired with phone numbers, as well as Google and non-Google email addresses, for security reasons. Although each of your Gmail accounts will have a unique address, you may link them all to the same phone number.

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Wrapping Up

After going through the procedures for changing your default Google account, there is one thing you should know about browsers. The technique is the same across all browsers as long as you do not change the browser’s settings. Therefore, changing any Gmail or Google account settings using Firefox, Safari, Opera, or any other browser on any device is done the same way you would do it in Chrome.

Not only can you change the default Gmail account on your devices, but you can also configure various default Gmail accounts across your devices. Do you have any tips, methods, experiences, or questions about making Gmail your default account? Please leave your opinions in the space below.

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