How to Change Your Fortnite Username

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How to Change Your Fortnite Username

Many individuals test Fortnite simply to see what all the commotion is about because of its immense popularity. They create an account, enter a ridiculous username, and begin playing without expecting anything from the game. If they desire to keep playing, they often regret the name they initially picked. Others just wish to alter a username that they no longer like.

This guide will teach you how to update your Fortnite username on all platforms.

How to Change Your Username for Fortnite on an Android Device

If you’re playing Fortnite on your mobile device, updating your username is a straightforward task. Because the game does not have its own website and instead relies on the Epic Games website for all of its settings, you will have to alter it there. To do so, take these steps:

    Epic Games - Fortnite Website

    How to Change Your Username for Fortnite on an iPhone

    Changing usernames on a mobile device is not platform-dependent since the change takes place on the Epic Games Accounts website rather than the app. Follow the steps outlined above to alter your iPhone’s username. They are the same thing. The only difference is that you use Safari rather than another web browser.

    How to Change Your Username for Fortnite on an Xbox One

    Console users’ display names are not associated with their Epic Games account. They are instead reliant on their console service providers. This implies that your Fortnite display name is linked to your Xbox Gamertag on Xbox One. It’s worth noting that updating your Xbox Gamertag affects all games, not just Fortnite. To do so, do the following steps:

    1. Hold down the Xbox button on your controller.
    2. Go to Profile & System, then choose your current Gamertag.
    3. Choose My Profile.
    4. Select Customize Profile.
    5. Enter the new Gamertag you wish to use under the Choose new Gamertag option. Alternatively, you may choose one of the recommended Gamertags. If you wish to view another set of recommended usernames, choose More ideas.
    6. Check Availability to determine whether the Gamertag has already been claimed. If it is, select a different name or change it to make it unique. Confirm your option if it is not being used by anyone else.
    7. You may now exit the system’s interface.
    8. Changing Gamertag using a browser

      1. Open your Microsoft Account on your web browser.
      2. Click on your username.
      3. Scroll down and choose Go to Xbox Profile.
      4. Click on Customize Profile.
      5. To the right of your Gamertag, click the Change Gamertag symbol.
      6. You may also go straight to the change Gamertag page by clicking on this link.
      7. Enter your new Gamertag, then hit the Check Availability button. If it isn’t, adjust it till it is. Alternately, click Change Gamertag.
      8. Your Gamertag should be updated now.

      How to Change Your Username for Fortnite on a PS4

      The PlayStation 4, like the Xbox, uses the PSN Name as the game’s login. To change it in Fortnite, you must first change your PSN name. Remember that this affects all of your other PlayStation Network games as well. This is how it’s done:

      1. Navigate to Settings on your PS4’s main page.
      2. Select Account Management from the drop-down option.
      3. Select Account Information.
      4. Scroll down and click Profile.
      5. Choose an Online ID.
      6. On the resulting window, click I Accept. Please keep in mind that you are altering the name of your whole PSN account. Any other game whose progress is linked to that ID may have its data erased. If you agree, click the Continue button.
      7. Here, you will be able to input your new Online ID. You may do this right now or choose one of the options on the right. Click Refresh if you want to view more choices.
      8. After you’ve entered your new Online ID, click Confirm. If the ID isn’t accessible, you’ll have to try again until you locate one that isn’t in use.
      9. Navigate away from this screen. Your name should have been updated by now.

      Changing Online ID on a Browser

      1. Create a PlayStation Network account. Select PSN Profile from the menu.
      2. Select the Edit button next to your Online ID.
      3. Enter your chosen Online ID or choose one of the suggested options.
      4. Follow the on-screen instructions. After you’ve modified your Online ID, click the confirm button.

      How to Change Your Username for Fortnite on Windows or Mac

      Changing the display name on a PC or Mac is quite similar, since it is done through the Epic Games website.

      1. Your Display Name should be updated now. You may now exit the website.

      How to Change Your Username for Fortnite on a Nintendo Switch

      The Epic Games account Display names are also used by Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch. You must go to the Epic Games website to modify it. You may accomplish this by going to the website on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Following the methods mentioned above for changing usernames through a PC, access the site.

      Upgrading Console Accounts to Full Epic Games Account

      If you play Fortnite on a console or across several platforms but have not yet registered with Epic Games, you might think about upgrading to a complete account. This enables you to move your progress from one console to another. Because Fortnite supports Crossplay, this may be a terrific idea. To do this:

        Epic Games - Fortnite Website
      1. Check that you are currently signed out. If not, please exit immediately.
      2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner of the screen.
      3. Select the symbol for the platform where you have an account, such as Xbox or PSN. This may also be selected if you have a Nintendo Switch.
      4. You’ll be taken to your platform’s account. Enter your login information. When you’re done, you’ll be taken back to Epic Games. If you are not returned to Epic Games, this signifies that this account has no advancement data. Please double-check that you have logged into the proper account.
      5. Enter the essential information, then click Create Account.

      Additional FAQ

      Here are some of the most common queries about Fortnite usernames:

      1. Is changing your Fortnite username free?

      The answer to this question is dependent on the platform you’re utilizing. If you use the mobile version, either Android or iOS, it is entirely free. This also applies to the Nintendo Switch version. The PC version also includes a free name change. Because changing your username is linked to Epic Games, any subsequent display name changes you make will be free of charge.

      The same cannot be said for the Xbox and PlayStation 4 console versions. If you are changing your Gamertag or PSN name for the first time, editing your account name is free. Any extra adjustments must be paid for. After the first modification, both Xbox and PlayStation demand a fee. On all platforms, each modification presently costs $10.00 per edit.

      2. How often can you change your Fortnite username?

      You may change your username using your Epic Games account once every two weeks. This implies that you will have to wait two weeks after each modification whether you are using Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, or PC.

      Because PlayStation and Xbox charge for account name changes, users may change their names as frequently as they like.

      Changing Fortnite Usernames

      There are various reasons why someone would desire to alter their Fortnite username. Some people prefer to change their usernames on the fly, while others want a new one since their previous one has become stale. As long as you know the steps to take, it’s a really easy procedure.

      Have you ever had trouble figuring out how to update your Fortnite username? Have you utilized a technique that isn’t listed above? Please share your opinions in the space below.

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