How to Change the Color of Text in Discord

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How to Change the Color of Text in Discord

Discord does not support a rich and colorful text chat experience very well. There is text chat, but there are no built-in color commands and no means to do anything “fancy” with your text at first sight. Plain text may become quite tiresome very fast, but there are methods to modify the color of your text.

This post will teach you how to use strong colors in your Discord text conversations to make them more lively and appealing to you and your friends!

How Discord Text Colorization Works

The key to colorizing text in Discord is that the interfaces are built using Javascript, as well as a theme called Solarized Dark and a library called highlight.js. When you connect in to your Discord server, a succession of complex Javascript tools, including highlight.js, display the website you see.

Although the Discord user interface does not enable text coloring, the underlying Javascript engine that runs the highlight.js script does. You can modify the color of the words written out in everyone’s text chat window by entering what amounts to pieces of code into your text conversation.

The fundamental idea is that in order to alter the color of a specific bit of text, you must encapsulate that text in a block of code. This technique is a three-line text block, with your text in the centre.

Using the “Back Quote” Symbol

To color code any text in Discord, use the backquote sign (grave accent), which may be found in the top left-hand corner of your keyboard. It is used in conjunction with the Tilde symbol:

Write the first line of code

The code phrase that instructs the Solarized Dark theme what color to show should be the first line of the code block, followed by three backquote symbols (“‘). This is how it should look:

Please keep in mind that “CSS” may be replaced with “Tex” or another term depending on the desired result. That will be discussed more below.

Type the second line

The second line should include your content, written out as normal. To add a new line, use Shift + Enter. The message is sent simply by pressing the Enter key.

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Type your third line

Three additional backquotes should be added to the code block’s third line. This line seldom changes regardless of the result, and it should look like this:

Because we used “` CSS, your text should appear like this:

Inputting Your Text

There are two fundamental methods for entering text. The first method is to keep a text file on your computer with the various codes for the various font colors that you can access and cut and paste the portions you wish to utilize.

Another option is to input the code block line by line into the Discord conversation engine. Type one line, then Shift + Enter to add another without transmitting the message to Discord. Shift + Enter again for the second line. Then, to submit it to Discord, write the third line and press Enter.

This procedure does have certain drawbacks. To begin, you must do this for each line of text you want to colorize—you cannot just switch color on or off. Second, your text will be shown in a box on the Discord server.

Your Color Options

In addition to the usual grey, the highlight.js scripts provide access to seven other colors. Once you’ve mastered them, the markdown codes will make a lot more sense; don’t be scared to experiment and try out new ones.

Here are the codes and samples of their appearance.

Plain grey (but in a box)

“`Sample Text“`

Green (sort of)


+This text is going to be great!


The color turns to green when you put ‘+’ before your content. If it’s simpler to reach, enter “!” at the beginning of the second line.

You can also use this one:“`json

“Sample text”


Remember that without quote marks before your text in the middle line, json will not function.



Sample text




Sample text






To make the whole message orange, include an underscore (or a period) between each word. Otherwise, just the first word will be highlighted in orange.



-Sample Text


You can also get red by doing this:

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[Sample Text]



There are two methods to get Yellow text. The first approach is quite reliable, but the second method emphasizes just a few words.


This is a new Message





The elm command only highlights words that start with capital letters. However, you may turn the whole message to yellow by inserting an underscore between each word.



[This text will be blue]


The CSS approach with dashes is another way to generate blue text. This is how it should look:




Be sure to put the period before the text as shown above.

Advanced Techniques

There are more complex methods for getting colorful text utilizing the same fundamental idea. This is because these formats are used to show code blocks when a developer builds a program.

The first line following the “‘ reveals the story. There are various simple techniques to cast colors directly in a line, regardless of whatever scripting language is used.

Here are some of the languages and methods for forcing color that you may utilize. Experiment with them, and you’ll quickly find yourself constantly sending colorful text messages.

You may also use different brackets to obtain the desired aesthetic. Dissatisfied with your blue options? Consider this:

Then there’s this nifty trick for color-coding texts:

Finally, “‘tex may be used to produce some really colorful statements. To make your text stand out, experiment with various symbols:

For additional information, visit or join the Highlight.js Discord server.

Discord Bots

Many Discord Bots are available that promise to alter particular colors on your server; however, many of them just update the colors of roles and not text. According to our study, there are no bots that will let you change the color of your text.

Discord also enables advanced users to send embeds and webhooks as messages. These are used to show colored blocks as well as markdown text. You may see how this functionality works by visiting Discord Webhook.

Other Text Customization Options

On Discord, you have additional choices for experimenting with your text.

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Bold –**This is Bold**

Italics –*This is Italicized*

Bold and Italicized – ***This is Bold and Italicized*** (Doesn’t that make sense?)

Underlined – _This makes Underlined text_

Strikethrough- ~~This is strike-through text~~

The more you learn about Discord, the more you will discover. Play around with these settings, and you’ll quickly discover that you can create text that is __*** underlined, bold, and italicized***__. Once you’ve honed your skills, you may wish to teach others how to make these changes. If this is the case, just insert a backslash between the text, such as *Italicized*.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains further answers to commonly asked questions.

What can I do if some of these aren’t working?

Based on our experiments in May 2022, we found that the above-mentioned markdowns worked better on the Discord desktop app than on the web client. Try the app instead if you’re having problems with these codes. As previously stated, some of these ways perform better than others, regardless of Discord version. Overall, they are rather dependable.

Is there a bot for Discord that can color text?

Absolutely! A quick web search will provide a plethora of bots that can alter the color of your text in Discord. Conduct a thorough search and choose the ones that best meet your requirements. Examine the ratings and capabilities of each bot before adding it to your server.

These aren’t working for me. What else can I do?

The most frequent reason the samples above don’t work for our users is because Discord only understands backticks and not quote marks. The backtick key is located in the top left-hand corner of your keyboard, with the tilde option above it. Instead of the quote marks, use that key.

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