How to Change an Outlook Signature [PC or Mobile]

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How to Change an Outlook Signature [PC or Mobile]
How to Change an Outlook Signature [PC or Mobile]

Your email signature is a simple method to authenticate who you are and quickly present your company information. It functions as a virtual business card, including all of your relevant information, and adds a customized touch to each email you send.

How to Change a Signature in Outlook [PC or Mobile]

However, when your circumstances change, your signature data may need to be updated. If you want to know how to modify your Outlook signature, follow the instructions in this article.

How to Change a Signature in Outlook on a Windows PC

To change your signature in Outlook via Windows:

    How to Change a Signature in Outlook on a Mac

    To change your Outlook signature via macOS:

    How to Change a Signature in Outlook on an iPhone

    To change your Outlook signature on your iPhone, use the Outlook app:

      How to Change a Signature in Outlook on an Android Device

      To change your signature on your Android smartphone, use the Outlook app:

      Additional FAQs

      How do you add a picture to your Outlook email signature?

      To add an image or corporate logo to your Outlook email signature, follow these steps:

      1. Launch a new email.

      2. Choose Signature.

      3. In the Select signature to modify box, select the signature with which you want to incorporate an image.

      4. Click the photo icon, go to your image file, and then press the Insert button.

      5. To resize the image, right-click it and choose Picture.

      6. Click the Size option, then use the available options to resize your image. To retain the picture dimensions, tick the Lock aspect ratio option.

      7. When you’re finished, click OK, then OK again to preserve your changes.

      How do I create a signature template in Outlook?

      If you wish to use a signature gallery template to make an email signature, choose a signature template to copy into your message, then tweak it.

      1. Open the signature template you wish to use in Word once you’ve downloaded it.

      2. Select the various portions of the signature, then click “Copy.”

      3. Launch Outlook, then choose New Email.

      4. Paste the signature into the email message body.

      5. Now, change the wording, add a picture, or include your URLs to personalize the signature.

      To change your logo/photo:

      1. Right-click the image, then choose Change Picture.

      2. Select your photo’s source location.

      3. Click Insert.

      4. Select the picture to see the drag handles, which you may then use to resize the image as needed.

      5. Choose the Format menu options to format your image.

      To include hyperlinks:

      1. Right-click on a social network symbol or website text in the signature, then right-click and choose Edit Link.

      2. In the Address section, paste the URL to your social profile.

      3. Click OK.

      To save your signature:

      1. Select all of the signature’s components, then right-click and choose Copy.

      2. From the Message menu, click Signature, then Signatures.

      3. Choose New, and then give your signature a name, such as Personal or Business.

      4. Right-click in the Edit signature area and choose Paste. Your signature appears in the field now.

      5. Select OK to save.

      All of your mails will now feature this signature by default.

      How do I make my signature look handwritten?

      You may incorporate a handwritten signature by scanning or photographing it, then adding it to your Outlook signature.

      1. Sign your signature on a piece of white paper.

      2. Scan or photograph it and save it to your computer in the.gif,.png,.jpg, or.bmp file format.

      3. Open the file on your computer.

      4. To crop the picture, click it to enter the Picture Tools Format tab, then pick Crop.

      5. Right-click the picture and choose Store as Picture to save the signature as a distinct file.

      6. To insert the signature into a document, go to Insert, Pictures, and then choose your stored signature.

      Whenever you wish to use this signature:

      1. Insert the insertion point where you want the signature block to go.

      2. Select Insert, Quick Parts, and AutoText before naming your signature block.

      Changing Your Autograph in Outlook

      Outlook’s email signature enables you to end each email with a concise summary of your contact information, ensuring that your recipients may quickly reach you through several channels. The procedure is so easy that creating professional signatures and altering your signature data in Outlook is a piece of cake.

      Have you ever created a signature using one of Outlook’s templates? If so, were you pleased with the outcome? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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