How to Cancel Netflix: How to Cancel Netflix on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Online

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How to Cancel Netflix: How to Cancel Netflix on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Online

Netflix has changed the way we consume video material and binge-watch TV series, and it has given new life to low-rated B-movies that time had forgotten.

Packages begin at $9.99 per month and may be upgraded to $19.99 per month if you want Ultra HD video and several accounts per subscription. You will have access to Netflix regardless of the bundle you choose.

However, you may not want to retain Netflix once your month-long free trial period expires. Many subscription services bury their unsubscribe links deep inside their settings, but Netflix is surprisingly simple to deactivate.

You may cancel your Netflix account if you believe you have viewed all of the desirable material it provides, or if you wish to terminate the trial before you have to pay.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription in a Web Browser

  1. Log in to your Netflix account, then click on the profile icon, followed by Account.
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    How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription on Android

    1. You’ll then go to the website and sign in. Then, use the same online instructions as before to cancel your subscription.

    How to Cancel Your Netflix Account: iOS

    Users using the iPhone and iPad may avoid creating a Netflix account entirely. Navigate to your Netflix account page in Safari or Chrome. You should then be able to cancel your subscription using the Netflix desktop app.

    When you cancel, you may continue view Netflix material until your payment date ends. To verify the status of your membership, click to Account Settings and look under ‘Membership.’ The following billing date will be shown.

    Netflix should send you a cancellation email. Check your email to make sure you don’t be charged for Netflix again.

    Canceling Netflix if Billed Through Another Service

    Signing up for Netflix via Amazon, iTunes, your ISP, or another provider is not unusual. Unfortunately, if you signed up using one of those methods, you will not be able to cancel directly through Netflix. This is because your account became connected to another service.

    Canceling Netflix Through iTunes

    1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone to cancel.
    2. At the top, tap your Apple ID, then Subscriptions. Next, identify and cancel the Netflix membership.

    Canceling Netflix Through Amazon

    1. To terminate their Netflix account, Amazon customers may go to the Memberships & Subscriptions website.
    2. Select Cancel from the Advanced Controls menu.
    3. Canceling Netflix Through Google Play

      Canceling Netflix through Google Play is simple.

      1. Click the hamburger symbol (three-line icon) in the upper left corner of the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
      2. Select Netflix from the Subscriptions menu. Select the Cancel option and follow the steps.

      Canceling Netflix Through Comcast Xfinity

      If you are billed by an ISP such as Comcast Xfinity, go to your Netflix account page for further information on how to cancel. Comcast, in instance, used to provide the service for free, so you may not be paying for it at all. You may also check for subscriptions by logging into your ISP account. If you are billed through your mobile phone company, the procedure is the same.

      How to Cancel Netflix if Your Account Got Hacked

      Netflix subscribers all throughout the globe have encountered unlucky internet pirates. If your account was hacked and your login information was altered, you may be unsure what to do. Because you can’t log in to deactivate the account, how do you either get it back or stop billing?

      If you aren’t paying for Netflix via a third-party provider, you’ll need assistance signing in. Navigate to the Netflix login page and choose the Need Help? option.

      Netflix will need your login information as well as the billing method you have on file. Once you’ve supplied this information, the support staff will assist you with reclaiming your account and canceling it. More information about regaining access to your account may be found here.

      You may relieve yourself of the stress of another monthly expense now that you know how to cancel Netflix. Like many others, you may subscribe to Netflix just when new seasons of original material are released and then cancel until the next season is released.

      Canceling Netflix FAQs

      I canceled my subscription but still got billed. What’s going on?

      Netflix cancellations are effective the next billing period. If you are scheduled to be billed on the first of the month but cancel on the 15th, you will still have access to Netflix material until the first.

      Unfortunately, cancellations may be delayed, which means that if you cancel your membership within one or two days before the renewal date, you may be charged again.

      Once you’ve terminated your subscription, check your email to ensure that you’ve done so properly. A confirmation email should be sent to you. If you did not get one, go into Netflix and make sure your subscription has an expiry date (there will be a notice listed).

      Finally, if you’re certain you canceled your account on time and correctly (you may have numerous), contact Netflix Support for assistance. Netflix’s stated attitude on refunds is that they do not provide them, but if you were billed improperly, it’s worth contacting them to maybe get your money back.

      I don’t see the option to cancel under my profile. Why not?

      If you’ve done the above procedures but still don’t see a cancellation option, it’s because you’re being billed by another provider. If you’re unsure, go to your Netflix account page and click on the link next to your billing information. This section will lead you through the process of canceling your account setup.

      Can I reactivate my account?

      Yes. You may reactivate your Netflix account for up to ten months. If you do so within this time frame, your viewing history and everything else will be preserved.

      If you want to cancel after this time, you will have to create a new account.

      Can I pause my account?

      Pausing a subscription enables customers to pause their payments and service for a certain period of time, however this option is not available to everyone. Netflix does acknowledge that it is exploring the option in July 2021. The function is still inaccessible to many subscribers as of May 22, 2022. Those who may halt their Netflix account should restart their membership before the 10th payment cycle to keep their service as it was.

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