How to Call Someone’s Voicemail Directly

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How to Call Someone’s Voicemail Directly

Whatever position you’re in, there are occasions when we need to avoid making critical phone calls. You may wish to leave a voicemail instead. However, if you merely call the person’s phone number, they may not answer and you will not be able to leave a message.

How to Call Directly to Someone's Voicemail

So, can you call someone’s voicemail directly?

We’ve identified many ways to avoid those annoying phone calls, enabling you to just leave a message and go about your business.

Let’s look at how to call someone’s voicemail directly.

Can I Call Someone and Go Straight to Voicemail?

Some cellphone providers allow their users to transmit voicemail without ringing the other party’s line. This is often only accessible if both parties are on the same carrier, but when it is, it is really simple.


To send a voicemail directly to another AT&T subscriber:

  1. Hold the ‘1’ key and press 2 to access your voicemail box.
  2. Enter the 10-digit phone number to whom you wish your message to be sent.
  3. Record your message and then hit the # key. (Press 1 to replay your message before sending it.)
  4. Select a special delivery option by pressing 1. The following are special delivery options:
    • 2 for Urgent.
    • 3 for Private.
  5. To send your message, enter the # symbol.


To send a voicemail directly to another Verizon subscriber:

  1. Call the number in your voicemail.
  2. Press 2 to send a message.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions. You will either record the message and then input the phone number, or vice versa.
  4. Select one of the following delivery options: 1 for private, 2 for urgent, 3 for confirmation, or 4 for future delivery.
  5. Press # to send the message.


To send a voicemail directly to another T-Mobile subscriber:

  1. Call1-805-637-7243.
  2. Access your voicemail account.
  3. Follow the directions after selecting the option to send a message.


To send a voicemail directly to another Sprint subscriber:

  1. Sign in by dialing your personal voicemail number.
  2. Follow the directions after selecting the option to send a message.
  3. Other Ways to Go Directly to Voicemail

    If you’re not on the same network as the person you want to contact, your best bet is to utilize an app.

    Slydial and WhatCall are two popular applications for this purpose. While Slydial was once the industry leader, it has now received several negative reviews owing to the service only operating sometimes. WhatCall continued to function for a while, but as of February 2021, it looks to be experiencing serious troubles and is only functioning intermittently.


    Slydial is a free software available for both iOS and Android. There are free accounts accessible, but you must first listen to an advertisement before making your call.

    Paid accounts come in two levels, each with ad-free access, the ability to “Slydial” numerous persons at once, and other premium features. For most individuals, the free version is sufficient.

    Here’s how to use the service:

    1. Slydial may be downloaded and installed on your phone.
    2. Create an account and log in to the app.
    3. To connect to the service, dial 267-SLYDIAL from your mobile phone’s phone app.
    4. Enter the mobile phone number you’re attempting to contact when asked.
    5. Leave your message.

    Slydial is only useful when contacting a mobile phone. The app will not operate even if the landline you are attempting to contact has digital voicemail. Otherwise, the procedure skips the live line and goes directly to voicemail.


    WhatCall is also available for Android (only as a sideload) and iOS. Similarly, the software routes a phone call to another person’s voicemail without making their phone ring.

    However, as of February 2021, critics have the same worry voiced by Slydial – it only works sometimes. WhatCall imports all of your contacts, so you just need to launch the app and press a contact. You will then be linked straight to their voicemail. WhatCall is a mobile-only app that costs $0.99 in the iOS app store.

    Built-In Tools

    Forget about playing with applications. Today, virtually every major carrier includes a robust voicemail processing system — and that system almost usually includes a means for recording a voice message and transmitting it immediately without calling the destination phone. I’ll guide you through the procedure on Straight Talk (since that’s my carrier), but other carriers will have comparable processes.

    Follow these steps to use this method:

    1. Dial the voicemail access number, which is *86 for Straight Talk.
    2. Enter the PIN code that allows you to access your voicemail.
    3. To send a message press 2.
    4. Enter the destination number followed by the #.
    5. Record the message.
    6. Press # to send the message.

    How To Send a Call Directly To Voicemail

    What if you’re on the other side of things?

    When your phone rings, you notice who is calling and wish you could direct them to your personalized voicemail message.

    This is simply performed by activating airplane mode or Do Not Disturb on your phone. You may also reject any incoming calls and direct them to voicemail.

    You’ll need to utilize a different approach depending on the phone you’re using to automatically divert a particular caller to your voicemail without your phone ringing.


    (Note: This only works on some Android builds.)

    1. Navigate to your call list and make a note of the number you wish to avoid.
    2. Navigate to Contacts and pick the newly added contact.
    3. Tap the three-dot menu symbol inside the individual contact.
    4. Select Route to voicemail.

    Another solution for Android users who do not have the ‘Route to Voicemail’ option in their settings is to utilize the Do Not Disturb feature. Although this prohibits anybody from calling, exceptions may be added.

    Assuming you just want to hear from a few individuals, go to your phone’s Settings and choose Notifications. Toggle on Do Not Disturb from this screen. Now, select Allow Exceptions and add the contacts you want to receive calls from.


    Unfortunately, sending individual calls to voicemail on an iPhone requires the use of a non-native software.

    You may simply block marketing calls if you wish to avoid them. This will not prevent the initial call, but it will prevent future calls.

    1. Navigate to Recents on the phone app.
    2. Find the telemarketer call.
    3. Scroll down and hit Block this Caller after selecting the information button on the right.
    4. In the future, calls from that number will be prohibited.

    Calls will still be sent to your phone, but you will not be notified of the call. This is a handset, not a network, ban. Persistent telemarketers may be blocked from your network, but you must contact your network provider to do so. Go to Voicemail, then scroll all the way to the bottom and touch “Prohibited Messages” to see voicemails from blocked callers.

    Final Thoughts

    You may quickly send messages straight to someone’s voicemail and divert incoming calls to your voicemail by using the techniques described above.

    Do you know of any other techniques to route a call to voicemail? Do you know how to send a call to voicemail on an iPhone selectively? If you do, please tell us about it in the comments section!

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