How Does Apex Legends Ranked Work?

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How Does Apex Legends Ranked Work?

The ranked ladder, which debuted in Apex Legends season 2, allows players to put their skills to the test in competitive encounters against equally skilled opponents. The ranked queue differs from the standard gaming queues in a few ways. Before venturing into the realm of ranked games, newer players are advised to improve their gunplay, understand the maps, and get familiar with all of the game components.

Here's How Apex Legends Ranked Works

If you believe you are ready to play Apex Legends Ranked, here is a rundown of everything you need to know to get started.

How Does Ranked Apex Legends Work?

The general gameplay of Ranked matches is quite similar to the basic Trios game format. You may queue up alone or with up to two other players in a party to compete on a map against 19 other teams (typically). The similarities, however, stop there.

In the ranked queue, all players are placed into tiers depending on their RP (ranked points). Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator are the eight levels. Each of the first five levels has four divisions, with division four being the lowest in each. Apex Predator is a tier that only includes the top 750 players on each platform. The RP needed for division IV of each tier (or Master) is as follows:

Players are usually paired up with opponents of the same rank. For parties, the highest tier obtained is used to determine where the party should be placed. Players over Platinum cannot queue with players two levels below them while queuing together. In the ranked queue, Platinum players may only play with Diamond and Gold players.

How to Earn or Lose RP?

Every time you begin a match, you lose RP depending on your current tier. Players in Rookie do not lose RP for playing the game, enabling them to gradually rank up with enough games played. The amount of RP lost at the start of the match for all other levels is as follows:

  • Rookie: 0 RP
  • Bronze: 10-19 RP
  • Silver: 22-31 RP
  • Gold: 34-43 RP
  • Platinum: 46-55 RP
  • Diamond: 58-67 RP
  • Master and Apex Predator: 70 RP, +5 for every 1000 RP won, with a maximum of 175 RP.
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This RP loss will not cause you to drop a tier. That practically implies that if you achieve Platinum in ranking split, for example, you cannot drop down to Gold for that split. Players may drop divisions if their RP drops below the division threshold. Apex Predators players may also lose their status if they fall out of the top 750 based on their RP.

There are two methods for players to get RP in the game. The primary goal is to finish among the top 13 teams. The closer you go to the top, the more RP you receive. If you win the match, you may earn a maximum of 100 RP this way.

Another method to get RP is via kills or assists. A murder is simple. All you have to do is deliver the knockout blow to an opponent. Dealing damage to an opponent who is afterwards killed by someone else qualifies as an assist. Crypto may also receive help by using his drone to locate adversaries. Each kill or assist earns you RP, with a maximum of six takedowns each match. The amount of RP players earn each kill is determined on their team’s position at the end of the match, ranging from 10 RP if they are in the bottom ten to 25 RP if they win. All RP gains for your team are computed after the game has ended.

Because of the RP gains, the match winner will get up to 250 RP if they score at least six takedowns throughout the match, less the entrance fee of their current tier.

Players towards the top of the ladder must have a high kill/death ratio and live long in their matches if they wish to ascend through the tiers due to the growing RP fees of entering the match and gradually higher standards for reaching higher divisions and tiers.

Abandonment and Penalties

Unlike ordinary games, the ranked queue places a premium on players waiting until the very last second. To that end, leaving the game before your colleagues have a chance to revive you will prevent you from joining any game queue. The penalty begins at 10 minutes for the first infringement and escalates for successive abandonments within a short period of time. If 150 seconds pass after teammates have picked up their banner but have not respawned them, or if their banner timer expires, players may safely exit the game.

Abandoning the game also results in the loss of any RP earned for that match.

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If a player disconnects from the game before the dropship phase begins, their assigned (matchmade) teammates may depart the game without incurring the leaver penalty or the RP loss associated with entering a match. Members of the player’s party who disconnect will be punished with a “abandon.”

Ranked Rewards

Players are rewarded at the conclusion of each ranked season depending on their greatest tier earned throughout any two splits of the season. Every player receives a badge indicating their highest attained tier. Gold and higher level players get a distinctive charm to honor their achievement. Diamond and above athletes get a specific dive path to utilize the next season. When the owner exits the dropship, the dive path is colored according to the tier reached and visible to all players.

Additional FAQ

Why do I keep losing my Apex predator rank?

Because Apex Predators must be among the top 750 players on their platform, they risk losing their tier if another player gains more total RP. Completing games without gaining a lot of RP puts you at danger of gradually losing ranks owing to the expensive 60 RP fee to join each match.

What is the fastest way to rank up in Apex Legends?

There is no tried-and-true strategy for fast rising through the ranks. Because RP rewards are linked to kill involvement and survival, you must have a mix of both if you wish to rank up. Some players choose to drop with a large number of other players in order to acquire some early kills and snowball their advantage. Others like collecting good stuff and knowledge.

Avoiding battles at all costs and waiting for the top places is a proven method to acquire some RP. This strategy is sluggish if players don’t remove each other soon, and you lose out on a good portion of RP from takedowns, but it is one of the simplest and most consistent ways to earn some RP each game.

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What is a good rank in Apex Legends?

Season 13 statistics show that 17.44% of players are in Silver and Bronze, 41.50% are in Gold, and 32.57% are in Platinum. Diamond and above gamers account for just 8.5% of the total player population.

In general, getting to Gold shouldn’t be too tough if you have the time to work on some of the fundamental talents and continue to earn more RP than you lose. Master players account for just 0.45% of the player total, making it the ultimate aim for a competitive player but out of reach for most individuals.

How does the ranked split work?

Unranked matches swap two maps every few hours to diversity gameplay and provide players with additional alternatives. Ranked games, on the other hand, utilize a single map for all matches for half of each season, known as a split. Ranked splits take place around halfway through a ranked season. When a split occurs, all players’ RP is partly reset, lowering their rank by 1.5 levels. This is an effective method for pushing idle people down the tier list and allowing fresh talent to ascend through the ranks.

When a ranked split occurs, the active map for the duration of the ranked season changes.

Rank Up in Apex Legends

If you believe you have what it takes to be a good Apex Legends player, you should put your skills to the test in the game’s ranked queue. The matchmaker will pair you up with opponents of comparable skill level, and it’ll be up to you (and your two friends) to grab some takedowns, survive, and rack up some RP.

What is your highest Apex Legends rank? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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