How Can You See Who Liked Your TikTok Videos?

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How Can You See Who Liked Your TikTok Videos?

TikTok is an app where users may publish and watch short films ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes in length. If you’re a new TikTok user, you’ll notice that the majority of the individuals you follow or watch on TikTok have “likes” in the shape of hearts on the right side of their video.

How To View Who Liked Your TikTok Videos

You’ll find yourself enjoying, commenting on, and sharing TikToks after a while. And you may be wondering how many likes you’d receive if you shared a video. But where can you find out who and how many people loved your TikTok?

This post will lead you through the process of determining who liked your videos and provide suggestions for increasing the number of likes.

How to See Who Liked One of Your TikTok Videos

Fortunately, you can check who liked a specific video you shared. Instead than browsing through numerous alerts, you can go right to the video and discover who else is watching.

Here’s how to see who liked one of your TikTok videos:

You may use the techniques outlined above to determine which viewers enjoyed each video you’ve uploaded. However, if you want additional information about likes to help you expand your TikTok profile, you may upgrade to a Creator account to see more useful metrics.

How to See All of Your TikTok Likes on an iPhone

TikTok features a function that allows you to see who has liked your video on both iPhone and Android phones. You can also check how many people viewed and commented on your TikTok video.

If you want to see how your films are being received, this is a useful solution. You’ll learn what the general public thinks of them and use their comments to improve the material.

Follow these steps to see who liked your video on an iPhone:

Filtering TikTok alerts to display just likes will let you to know who liked your content without having to comb through all of your notifications. If you wish to observe other sorts of activity, repeat the steps above but choose the appropriate choice.

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Scrolling through all of those alerts might take some time. However, it is the only method to see who enjoyed your TikTok videos. By clicking on their name, you can see their profile. You may reciprocate by liking some of their videos.

How to See All of Your Likes on Android

The Android app functions similarly to the iPhone app. The following are the ways to see your TikTok likes on your Android app:

  1. Examine the list to see what you like.

You can now see who liked each of your videos. Unfortunately, you can’t tell who liked which videos. Select the correct item in the list to check for new followers, comments, or another sort of notification.

How to See Who Liked Your TikTok Videos on a PC

You may use your web browser to access TikTok on your PC. Log in to view your alerts and likes, as well as watch videos, like, comment, and share. Follow these steps to discover who liked your TikTok video on your PC:

Not Enough Likes? Try This

TikTok is a social networking platform with an own algorithm. The amount of likes you get is determined on your content and the number of people who have seen your video. Because of the algorithm, everyone’s “For You Page” is unique. It only offers videos that they may be interested in based on the information TikTok has acquired about the viewer.

This implies that your amount of followers will assist you earn more likes and determine how well your video fits into the algorithm. If you are unhappy with the quantity of likes you have gotten, you might try some of the following suggestions.

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Interact With Others

If you want to get a lot of likes, make sure you like other authors’ stuff. You may get “a likeforalike.” Users will also identify you and visit your profile if you enjoy and interact with the videos of other artists.

Make Content That You Enjoy

Creating TikToks on topics you’re interested in is one of the most engaging and fascinating methods to obtain TikTok likes. As a consequence, you’ll like creating the material, and others who view it will appreciate it as well. This creates a favorable impression and a desire to see more of your stuff.

Follow Trends

There are constantly new audio and video formats that are popular. This signifies that a large number of individuals are watching and making a certain kind of TikTok video. By joining the bandwagon, your video will be more preferred by the algorithm, resulting in more people seeing it. You are on the correct route to obtaining more likes if you offer an innovative twist to the trend.

Promote Your Account

Promote your TikTok account on other social media networks. You may share a link to your videos on social media or urge your fans to check out your TikTok account. If they like what they see, they will surely follow you and like your videos.

Check Your Account Setting

Make sure your account is set to public. If you have a private account, only those who follow you will be able to watch and enjoy your videos. Allow stitches and duets in your films as well. If someone like your video and duets or stitches it, their audience will see it as well. Those that do may see your profile and like your previous videos.

Additional FAQs

Can I see who visited my profile?

No, unfortunately. In TikTok’s early days, we could see who saw our profile in the Notifications area. However, such notifications are no longer available. The only way to tell whether someone has looked at your profile is if they like or comment on multiple videos in a short period of time.

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Can I see what videos another user liked?

Depending on their privacy settings, yes. Some users want to keep this information private, while others don’t mind sharing what they’ve loved on the app with others.

All you have to do is go to their profile and press the heart symbol. You will view their favorite videos if they are public. TikTok will notify you if they have made them private and have opted not to publish that information.

To make your favorite videos private, go to Settings>Privacy>Liked Videos>Only Me.

How do I check my video watch history?

Although there is no direct method to do this inside the TikTok app, there is a workaround. See our complete guide to accessing your TikTok video watch history.

Liking What You’ve Seen

You now understand how to determine how well your videos have been accepted. You can observe which videos are successful and which are not. However, some videos may have more views but fewer likes, and vice versa.

Having visibility into your likes, comments, and views, on the other hand, provides you with the feedback you need to better or alter your material.

Have you ever used TikTok to make a video? How many likes have you gotten the most? Do you place a high value on likes? Tell us in the comments section below!

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