Here’s Why Your Phone Calls Are Probably Going to Voicemail

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Here’s Why Your Phone Calls Are Probably Going to Voicemail

So you’ve been waiting all day for a crucial call, but your phone won’t ring. When you check it, you discover that the call was sent straight to your voicemail.

Here's Why Your Calls Are Probably Going Straight to a Phone's Voicemail

Your phone forwarding every incoming call to voicemail is not just bothersome; it may be a severe problem in an emergency. Fortunately, changing your settings generally resolves the issue. Let’s have a look at several tactics you may attempt before calling your provider.

Reasons Calls Go Straight to Voicemail on an iPhone

Are your buddies claiming that they can’t reach you? There are several reasons why calls go directly to voicemail. Here’s what you should look for on your iPhone.

Turn Off Airplane Mode

It may seem obvious, but the first thing you need do is make sure your phone has reception. Turning on Airplane Mode by accident may prohibit your phone from connecting to a network. Swipe down on your iPhone’s screen to launch the Control Center and turn off Airplane Mode. If you can’t locate the aircraft icon in Control Center, go in the Settings app.

Disable Do Not Disturb

Another tiny blunder that might be limiting incoming calls is activating your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb (DND) setting.

When you don’t want your phone to distract you, you may engage one of many Focus Modes on your iPhone. This functionality was included in iOS 15.

Unlike setting your iPhone to Silent, these modes may completely prevent calls based on their settings. DND can be enabled and disabled manually, but it may also be scheduled, making it simple to forget if it is active. Here’s how to turn off DND so you can be contacted.

You can also find DND in your Settings:

Don’t Silence Unknown Callers

Silencing unknown callers is another iPhone feature that sends incoming calls to voicemail. This iOS 13 feature might be beneficial when you don’t want individuals who aren’t on your contacts list to contact you. Many people use this function to filter fraudulent calls. The disadvantage is that you never know when one of your contacts’ phone numbers changes.

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Accidentally activating this function might potentially be a problem. Here’s how to disable it.

Edit Your Notification Settings

Innocuous notification settings might occasionally create problems receiving calls. Examine your iPhone’s notification settings as shown below.

Test if this resolved your issue.

Update Your Carrier Settings

You may try one more technique before calling your carrier for help. Updating your carrier settings may often address difficulties with calls going directly to voicemail. On your iPhone, follow these instructions.

  1. If a popup appears, choose “Update.” If nothing occurs, your settings are already current, and this isn’t the source of your voicemail problem.
  2. Reasons Calls Go Straight to Voicemail on an Android Device

    Incoming calls on your Android smartphone are being routed to voicemail? Let’s see what you can come up with.

    Disable Airplane Mode

    First, make sure your phone has service. If an X appears next to the network symbol in your Android phone’s status bar, you may be in an area with no coverage, causing calls to go directly to voicemail. Unless you’re in the middle of nowhere, the issue is on your end.

    Pull down your Quick Settings and deactivate Aircraft Mode if you see an airplane symbol in your status bar. Your phone will reconnect to the network and you will be able to receive calls once again.

    Turn Off Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb is the next Android capability that may interfere with incoming calls (DND). When you don’t want your phone to distract you, use this function. To receive calls, however, you must turn it off.

    You may also tweak your DND settings here, such as scheduling this mode and selectively accepting calls.

    Unblock Numbers

    You may have banned specific contacts if some calls go directly to your voicemail. Examine your block list in the following manner.

    Allow Unknown Numbers

    If your friends’ calls get through but you’re having trouble accepting calls from unknown numbers, another blocking mechanism may be active. To check for unknown number blocking, follow the instructions below.

    Disable Call Forwarding

    Call forwarding is another feature available on certain Android phones that may interfere with incoming calls. Disabling call forwarding may fix your problem.

    Replace Your SIM Card

    If your SIM card is old or you remove it regularly, it is conceivable that it has been damaged over time, causing it to behave strangely. If none of the preceding alternatives resolved your problem with calls going directly to voicemail, contacting your provider and describing the situation is the next step. Requesting a new SIM card is often free, and it may solve the issue.

    Stay in Contact

    Being unable to accept calls might be a significant impediment in your daily life. Use the steps listed above to troubleshoot the problem. If none of these work, the problem is most likely with your SIM card or service provider.

    If the situation continues, do not be afraid to seek help. If you can’t use your mobile phone for its intended use, it’s effectively worthless.

    Which of the aforementioned options worked best for you? Or have you discovered an other solution to your voicemail problem? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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