Donald’s throwing shorter tantrums in Disney Dreamlight Valley update

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Plus, Mickey has extra crackers and we can finally touch our pets.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an early access title, which means that developer Gameloft is currently ironing out a few kinks. But the team has a sense of humour about Disney Dreamlight Valley’s problems, which makes reading the patch notes as enjoyable as playing the game at times.

Gameloft’s Oct. 19 patch notes, which also explain the arrival of Scar from The Lion King, are a wonderful example of this. It has the same impact as reading The Sims’ patch notes, such as “toddlers can no longer acquire fleas.” It’s all based on iconic Disney characters, which adds an extra layer of silliness. For example, Donald Duck from Disney Dreamlight Valley is infamous for throwing an extremely long tantrum – so long that it seems like he’s never not having a tantrum. “Donald Duck has finally found his land-legs, lessening the length of his tantrums,” Gameloft noted.

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Another well-known flaw is when characters remark on the incorrect time of day; for example, in my case, characters assumed it was morning and commented on it regardless of the hour. Gameloft has addressed this, and everyone should now react accordingly to the time of day and weather. Except for Goofy, of course — “Goofy, on the other hand, will continue to misunderstand the weather,” Gameloft noted.

Through these patch notes and its bug-tracking Trello board, it seems that Gameloft prioritizes openness (and comedy!) with its community. There are so many little changes that have been made to make the game more enjoyable to play, such as increasing resource spawn rates and making water-based people easier to chat to (it used to seem like they were simply too far out to reach, but that has now changed). Then there’s the ridiculous stuff, like Gameloft resolving a problem with Mickey’s scary eyes and a glitch that reduced players’ legs when they wore specific attire.

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The entire patch notes may be found on the Disney Dreamlight Valley website.

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