Discord Music Playing Instructions

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Discord Music Playing Instructions

Most individuals use Discord to interact with one another while playing video games. When you add music to your Discord voice conversations, the whole experience becomes much more engaging and enjoyable. But how can you listen to music while speaking with pals on Discord?

In this post, we’ll show you two easy methods to play music while using Discord.

How to Play Music in Discord

There are only two methods for playing music in Discord.

  • Use a bot
  • Connect your Spotify account.
  • Play music using a Mic.

How to Add a Music Bot to Discord

Adding a music bot to Discord generally goes as follows:

How to Play Music in a Discord Call

You may use the FredBoat bot to integrate music in your Discord calls. This is how it works:

You may search for the name of a song instead of a particular URL by entering “;;play Name of Song.” Simply write “;;stop” to pause the song. Another feature we like about FredBoat is the ability to use commands to allow others in your channel to vote to skip the song that is currently playing. The whole set of commands may be seen on the FredBoat website.

How to Play Music in Discord Through a Mic

Playing music over a mic in Discord works the same way as making a call. You may also utilize the commands of your bots. But first, you’ll need to make some changes to your PC’s microphone settings:

You may now use FredBoat to join a voice conversation and start playing music.

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How to Play Music in Discord on Android

If you have an Android smartphone, you may choose a Discord bot from the website discordbots.org. Once you’ve arrived, here’s what you need to do:

How to Play Music in Discord on iPhone

The MEE6 bot is a fantastic alternative for playing music on your iPhone in Discord. To get started, do the following:

    How to Play Music in Discord Without a Bot

    Connecting Discord to Spotify is the only method to play music without a bot:

    Discord now allows you to listen to your favorite music and artists.

    As you can see, adding music to Discord is as simple as a few clicks. Connect your Spotify account or test which bot works best for you, and all of your music will be available in your Discord conversations in no time.

    Additional Discord Music FAQs

    Here are some additional answers to your commonly asked questions concerning Discord music.

    Can I play Pandora on Discord?

    Pandora, unfortunately, is not supported by Discord. There is also no Discord bot to make this function at the time of writing.

    However, all hope is not gone. With millions of Pandora users, being limited to Spotify compatibility is quite irritating. Sometimes the only alternative is to make a Discord feature request. You may provide comments and make feature requests on Discord. More precisely, there are already a slew of Pandora-related requests on this page.

    Visit this page and upvote the existing Pandora requests.

    Are there any bots that can play music in a private or group call?

    No, it does not. Many people have asked for it, however there are no bots that can play music in a group or on private calls. The only solution to this problem is to construct a private server and invite the member(s) to that server to play music following the methods provided above.

    What happened to Groovy?

    Groovy was previously a well-known bot that allowed users to listen to music on their servers. Unfortunately, Groovy is no longer in existence as of July 2022. Groovy may still be added to servers, but the music features are disabled.

    There is no news on whether Groovy will return at this time. In the meanwhile, you may add Groovy to your servers and verify for functioning on a regular basis.

    Is Rythm still available?

    Rythm, a bot that assisted Discord users for numerous years, was stopped down due to YouTube concerns. However, the developers have not given up. You can become a Beta tester even if you can’t listen to music.

    Here’s how to become a Rythm Beta tester:

    1. Go to the Rythm official website. Then, go to the bottom of the home page.

    2. Click on the Apply for our beta program option.

    3. Click on Auth with Discord.

    4. Click Authorize.

    4. Fill out the remaining information and click Next Step.

    5. A new page will be shown. Fill out the questionnaire and press the Submit button.

    Now, keep an eye out for notifications from Rythm to see whether you’ve been accepted into the program.

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