Converting a Word Document to a JPG or GIF Image

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Converting a Word Document to a JPG or GIF Image

While Microsoft Word documents may be opened in other word processors, they may need to be saved as JPG or GIF pictures. While you cannot save your paper as an image file, there are various alternatives. They are all free and simple to use, so choose whatever is most convenient for you.

How to Convert a Word Document into a JPG or GIF Image

Learn how to convert a Word Document to a JPG or GIF by reading this article.

Using Online Converters

The biggest benefit of using online converters is that they are easy to use and operate on any platform as long as you have a contemporary browser. You may use an online application like TinyWow to convert your Word document first to PDF, and then to your desired picture format.

  1. Wait for it to generate.
  2. Wait for it to generate.
  3. Windows: Converting the Documents to Images Using Paste Special

    Word 2007 introduced the Paste Special feature, which can convert documents to png, jpg, gif, and other image formats. The steps are as follows:

    If you get a photograph with a black backdrop, you might attempt the following solutions:

    1. Disable any secondary displays before converting the papers.

    Windows: Using Image Viewers/Editors

    Word documents may be saved as JPG or GIF using Microsoft Paint or other image readers and editors.

    1. Use the Windows+Shift+S keyboard shortcut to choose the section of your document to convert.
    2. Windows & Mac: Convert Word Documents Into PDF Files

      Microsoft Word’s most recent versions enable you to save your papers as PDF files, which are simpler to convert into picture files.

      Conversion on Windows

      It’s worth noting that the PDF to JPEG program can convert many pages, which is ideal if you need to convert a big document to photos. The drawback is that saving to GIF or other image formats is not supported. You also have no control over the image quality.

      Conversion on Mac

      Converting Word Documents to Images as You Prefer

      Each of the techniques presented has benefits and disadvantages. If you just need to convert a single page to JPG or GIF, use Print Screen and Microsoft Paint or Paste Special.

      There are, however, better methods if you operate with several pages. We suggest storing the documents as PDFs before converting them using a third-party software or the Preview tool on Windows. Online converters may also be used as an alternative.

      Which of these converting techniques is best for you? How often do you have to convert Word documents to images? Leave your ideas in the comments section.

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