Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to a TV, Computer, or Mobile Device

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Connecting Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to a TV, Computer, or Mobile Device

One speaker will not enough to get the party started or to offer a more immersive audio experience. Most contemporary technologies support Bluetooth 5.0 for multiple device pairing, although not everyone has Bluetooth 5.0 accessories.

How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to a TV, PC, or Mobile Device

Whether you have this helpful function or not, keep reading to learn how to connect numerous Bluetooth speakers to various devices.

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to TV

There are several smart TV manufacturers and models available on the market. Not all of them can handle dual audio, so read the user manual or contact support to see if yours can. If your smart TV supports dual audio, the process is rather simple:

  1. “Advanced Bluetooth Options” should be selected.
  2. Choose “Dual Audio.”

If your TV does not support dual audio, you may still connect extra speakers via a third-party software.

If you want to be able to utilize any speaker, AmpMe is the way to go. Because this software isn’t limited to a specific brand or type of speaker, it’s very adaptable. This is mostly a music synchronization program that enables you to connect to other devices, such as Bluetooth speakers.

If you want to go larger, the Ultimate Ears BLAST & MEGABLAST app may be what you’re looking for. It enables you to connect additional speakers and provides a more immersive sound. The only limitation is that you can only utilize speakers from Ultimate Ears.

Bose Connect, our last recommendation, enables you to connect two devices and has two modes. You may sync the sound from both speakers using Party Mode. Stereo Mode divides the audio into right and left channels for a more immersive experience.

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Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone

You should have no issue connecting numerous Bluetooth speakers if you’re running the most recent version of iOS. It is preferable if the two speakers have comparable specs. If one speaker is older than the others, it may be unable to converse effectively with them.

After connecting each Bluetooth speaker to your iPhone, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to “Control Centre.”

Don’t worry if you’re using an earlier version of iOS. You can still use third-party applications to link numerous Bluetooth speakers.

You can connect whatever speakers you want using the AmpMe app, and you can couple as many devices as you want. Music may be played via multiple sites such as YouTube and Spotify, or it can be imported straight from your media collection.

The Bose Connect app is another option to explore. It has two modes and enables you to connect two devices. You may sync the sound from both speakers using Party Mode. Stereo Mode divides music into right and left channels for audiophiles.

If two speakers aren’t enough to meet your demands, Ultimate Ears has you covered. They created an app for connecting numerous speakers, but they must be from the Ultimate Ears product range. Connect all of your speakers to the BOOM & MEGABOOM app and enjoy!

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Android

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or later, you can attach two speakers to your phone using the company’s built-in Dual Audio feature:

  1. Toggle the “Dual Audio” toggle switch on.
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If you have a different model, though, third-party applications are the way to go.

To connect many speakers of any model or brand, the AmpMe app is the best solution. This program allows you to play music from multiple sites like as YouTube and Spotify, as well as import music from your media library.

The Bose Connect app only works with Bose speakers and can only couple two speakers at a time. It is, nonetheless, an interesting alternative since it has two modes of operation. Party Mode combines the sound from both speakers, whilst Stereo Mode divides the sound into left and right speakers.

The Ultimate Ears is a firm that makes portable speakers that can be synced through their BOOM & MEGABOOM apps. The only drawback is that you can only use their speakers. However, you may connect as many as you like and create an outstanding audio experience.

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to Windows

To connect several speakers to your Windows 10 PC, you must first ensure that they can pair with one another. This typically implies utilizing the same speaker models, however other models of the same brand may be feasible.

To begin, connect each of the speakers to your PC by following these steps:

Check that you can play audio via all of your speakers after linking them:

  1. Click “Enable.”
  2. To close the audio settings, click “OK” once more.
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Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to Mac

Any Bluetooth speaker, regardless of brand, may be connected to a Mac. You must first couple all Bluetooth speakers to your Mac before adding additional speakers:

  1. To add a new device, tap the “plus” button in the bottom-left corner.

The next step is to connect them all at once:

After connecting the speakers, the last step is to configure that Multi-Output device as your output source:

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to Firestick

Multiple Bluetooth devices, including speakers, may be linked to your Firestick. You cannot, however, transmit music to both of them at the same time. If it isn’t a problem, here’s how to link them:

  1. Select the desired device.

Sounds Like the End

Prior to Bluetooth 5.0, linking with multiple devices was impossible. Even if your device does not now support it, it is just a matter of time until it does. Until then, you may always have a fascinating audio experience with third-party applications.

Have you ever paired more than one Bluetooth speaker? Which device did you employ? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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