A Guide to the Different Xbox One Models

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A Guide to the Different Xbox One Models

The Xbox One was first introduced in 2013, however the portfolio was extended to three major models in 2016 and 2017. The Xbox One S and Xbox One X are the two newest versions. Although all three primary models may play the same games, they have significant distinctions.

The Different Xbox One Models - A Guide

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re wondering about the console differences. The model you’ll receive is determined on your preferences, such as 4K gaming or streaming 4K Netflix and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. Continue reading for more information.

Xbox One Model Guide

As previously stated, the Xbox One moniker is presently used by three systems. We’ll start with the first Xbox One model and go through its key features. Then you’ll find out what the other two have to offer.

The first Xbox One systems were released in 2013 and competed directly with Sony’s PlayStation 4 platform. The Xbox One initially came with the Kinect system, which allowed users to play select games as well as operate their cable boxes or TV services.

However, it cost $100 more than the PS4 and had significantly slower hardware, therefore the PS4 won. Microsoft has since shifted gears and adapted. The Kinect was removed from newer Xbox One systems, and the price was reduced to match the PS4.

In reality, the Kinect technology is already being taken away silently. Microsoft no longer produces the Kinect add-on, but you can still purchase it online and attach it to your Xbox One to relive the glory days.

The original Xbox One cannot play 4K video games or playback 4K UHD Blu-rays. You may, however, view standard HD Blu-ray movies without any modifications.

This console’s best resolution is 1080p60, and we don’t suggest purchasing one until 2021. Unless you discover a fantastic price, newer models are preferable.

The Xbox One S, which sits between the Xbox One and the Xbox One X, is the center of the pack. It was released in 2016, and it included significant improvements over the original Xbox One system. Notably, it features improved hardware and significant enhancements to the quality of life.

The Xbox One S is around 40% smaller than the original, owing to a clever redesign. Despite its smaller size, the console is around 7% quicker than its predecessor. In addition, the Xbox One S is white, as opposed to the previous black system.

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Some games may have somewhat better quality when played on this platform.

The One S, like the later Xbox Ones, does not have the Kinect. It goes much farther than that, since you can’t even put the Kinect gadget into it. If you insist on utilizing the add-on, you’ll need to purchase a Kinnect adaptor.

The bundled Xbox One S controller is similarly white. It features various upgrades, most notably the use of a Bluetooth connection. Nonetheless, any Xbox One controller model may be used with any of the systems in the range.

The Xbox One S can play 4K UHD Blu-ray discs as well as upscale select games to 4K UHD and utilise HDR color. Of course, you’ll need a 4K TV or monitor for this. However, the screen must support HDR-10 rather than just Dolby Vision HDR, so make sure you get the proper one for the job.

Because the system isn’t powerful enough for 4K gaming, you shouldn’t purchase it if you want to play at that resolution.

This Xbox One S model is unique in that it lacks a disc drive. Instead, the only option to play games is to save them to a hard drive or an external storage device. For gamers who loathe physical copies, this device is a good alternative to the original Xbox One S.

In contrast to the original Xbox One S, this system does not come with less than 1TB of RAM. This need makes sense given that your games will be kept digitally.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, the most recent addition to the Xbox One family, was launched in 2019. However, since it is a variation, it is not considered a mainstream console.

These consoles come pre-loaded with three free games: Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves.

In terms of hardware, the CPU chip and other components are similar to those found in the Xbox One S. The only difference is the absence of an optical disc reader. Otherwise, you may anticipate the same thing as with the original.

The Xbox One X is the most powerful system in the Xbox One line-up. Because of its improved hardware, it can play 4K games. Since November 7, 2017, gamers have been able to purchase their own Xbox One X. Notably, before its worldwide release and introduction, players referred to it as Project Scorpio.

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Instead of the Xbox One S’s upscaling features, this system can offer true 4K UHD gaming. For the finest visual experience, the games are reproduced in full 4K resolution. Like its predecessor, it can view 4K material on Netflix or from 4K UHD Blu-ray discs.

The Xbox One X, like the other three systems we discussed, can play the same games. Many of the games, though, have superior upgrades. In addition to utilising HDR, certain games may achieve an FPS jump of up to 120 FPS instead of the industry standard 60 FPS.

The Kinect port and add-on are also absent, as predicted. After all, the Kinect had been out of production for quite some time when the Xbox One X was announced.

The Xbox One X is around 4.5 times more powerful than the original Xbox One, which explains its high native resolution and 60 FPS gaming compatibility. It is also the most powerful console in the model line.

Despite its amazing processing speed of 1,172 MHz and large storage capacity of 1 TB, it is currently the smallest Xbox console. When it comes to the Xbox One X, size simply does not matter.

No other platform can currently run high-fidelity VR games. In some ways, the Xbox One X is the only platform that can run VR games, and Microsoft isn’t focused much on VR games for consoles right now.

Which One Should I Buy?

With three major consoles and one variation in the Xbox One family, some gamers may be confused about which one best suits their requirements. Here’s our quick buyers’ guide to help you choose the best one out of all of them.

Even if its visuals are still good, the original Xbox One is very ancient. However, until you come across a terrific offer, you should stay with the Xbox One S or X. These two are more powerful and can run games more efficiently.

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If you cannot afford the Xbox One X, the Xbox One S is an excellent alternative. It may not provide a significant performance gain, but it is still superior than the original console. If you own or stream 4K material, you can view it on it.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is an unexpected option for players who loathe stacks of discs and covers. It doesn’t completely replace the original Xbox One S, but it eliminates the requirement for hard media copies.

However, if you want a collectible disc, you shouldn’t purchase one. There is no way to run physical games on the All-Digital Edition, and you are limited to 1 TB of storage capacity.

Before the next-generation consoles were announced in 2020, the Xbox One X was undoubtedly the king of consoles. It can natively play 4K games and even boost older titles to 120 FPS if supported. Furthermore, it contains almost everything that the earlier consoles had.

Each of the four Xbox One systems may play Kinect games if the appropriate add-on is used. The three most recent consoles, however, will need an adaptor.

Overall, the Xbox One S and X are the finest of the four options.

Microsoft’s Powerful Consoles

Your games will look beautiful on either of the Xbox One series consoles, and the Xbox One X is an excellent option if you aren’t ready to upgrade to next-generation platforms. Despite the Xbox One X’s cheaper price, the old model is gradually being phased out, making the newer consoles better alternatives.

Do you possess any of these consoles? Do you believe Microsoft made a good decision by deleting the Kinect port? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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