A Dictionary of Emoji Meanings

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A Dictionary of Emoji Meanings

Emojis improve the talking experience by allowing you to express yourself more properly. Because of the enormous amount of emojis, it’s difficult to remember all of their meanings. Here’s a collection of the most often used emojis in online communication to help you utilize them appropriately.

A List of Common Emoji Meanings

Emoji Meanings for the iPhone

Because there are already over 3,000 emojis accessible on the iPhone, you’re unlikely to utilize them all when messaging. Here are the meanings of the most popular emojis, which you will most likely begin using on a regular basis.

Face With Tears of Joy

This emoji is so popular that it was selected the 2015 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year. It’s often used to describe anything that makes you laugh till you cry. It has a sibling, Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face, which depicts extreme laughter.

Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes

This emoji is quite popular and represents ardent devotion or adoration for someone or something.

Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

This emoji conveys warmth, genuine gladness, and humility. It’s preferable to the Slightly Smiling Face, which has taken on a condescending and passive-aggressive tone.

Loudly Crying Face

The Loudly Crying Face emoji represents extreme emotions, such as inconsolable loss or overpowering delight.

Smiling Face With Sunglasses

This emoji is stylish and conveys the same message. It may also convey confidence or a careless demeanor.

The Three Wise Monkeys

The See-No-Evil monkey represents the saying, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” It’s useful when you can’t believe what you’re seeing or reading. The Hear-No-Evil Monkey will assist you in indicating that you do not want to hear more of someone’s narrative. The Speak-No-Evil Monkey personifies “oops! ”

Pleading Face

Despite its newness, this emoji has quickly become a fan favorite. You’ll understand why after one glimpse at its enormous “puppy eyes.” When you need a particular favor, are moved by a sweet act, or stumble across something cute, use this emoji.

Face Screaming in Fear

This emoji’s name is quite self-explanatory. It is not always used to express dread. It may be used to indicate extreme enthusiasm, astonishment, or amazement.

Smirking Face

Did you say something arrogant, sly, or devious? After that, add a Smiling Face emoji. Keep in mind that this emoji may also be used to express flirting.

Winking Face

Depending on the situation, this emoji may establish distinct tones. It may be used in a lighthearted manner, but it can also have a provocative or sarcastic undertone.

Neutral Face

Although this emoji is meant to depict a neutral emotion, it is commonly used to signify mild anger or worry.

Grimacing Face

Is there anything unpleasant or inappropriate that someone has written? The “yikes” emotion is wonderfully captured by the Grimacing Face emoji.

Enraged Face

The person you’re messaging can’t see how offended you were by their comment. This emoji conveys strong sentiments of fury or hatred. If you believe that cursing is the only suitable response, add a Face with Symbols Over Mouth to the mix.

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Nauseated Face

Yes, you may use this emoji to discuss someone’s physical ailment. However, you may also express your utter contempt for anything.

Exploding Head

Have you just heard anything incredible? The Exploding Head emoji is the ideal response. It may also signify surprise or incredulity.

Hundred Points

This emoji often represents “keeping it 100,” which implies “being true and authentic.” You may also use it to express your strong agreement with a message or action.


This emoji implies that you are now looking at a file or project in business communication. On social media, it has a more risqué connotation. It typically denotes approbation of an appealing picture or a deceptive deed.


The Skull emoji represents a metaphorical death, frequently as a result of severe irritation or laughing. Extreme shame has been added to the list by Generation Z.

Clown Face

Another Gen Z favorite is this emoji. It refers to persons who behave stupidly. You may also use it to signify being duped or duped by someone.

Emoji Meanings Hearts

If you want to express your feelings via text, there are plenty of heart emojis to choose from. Every circumstance and individual in your life has a heart variation. Let’s look at the most common heart emojis and their meanings.

Red Heart

This is by far the most popular heart emoji across all platforms. It is often used to express love and passion.

Heart Suit is a comparable equivalent to this heart. Originally meant to symbolize a card game emblem, many users preferred this emoji over the traditional red heart. The Heart Suit features a matte finish and a deeper tint. It is often used to indicate feelings of love, affection, and passion.

Two Hearts

Why limit yourself to one heart when you may have two? Because the smaller heart seems to be rising towards the sky, this emoji often conveys the concept that love is in the air.

Colored Hearts

Colored heart emojis are often used in a rainbow-like display. When users are concerned that a red heart would give too strong a message, they turn to these hearts. These colors appear in your heart options.

Some heart emoticons have become social media emblems for specific topics. BTS, the Korean boy band phenomenon, is affiliated with the Purple Heart. The Green Heart emoji is reserved for their bandmate NCT.

Because of its neutral tint, several firms have used the Blue Heart emoji for social media communication. The Brown Heart may be found in conversations about racial identity.

White Heart

The White Heart is a recent addition to the heart emoji family. It’s typically used while talking about someone who has died. It’s generally accompanied with a Dove emoji in these circumstances.

Black Heart

Despite its macabre appearance, the Black Heart emoji is commonly used to convey love and devotion. It was a welcome addition for many who thought the standard hearts were too corny. This emoji also represents emotions more often associated with black, such as sadness.

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Broken Heart

No other heart can compare to the significance of this emoji, which represents the pain inflicted by a loved one or the anguish you feel when you miss someone.

Growing Heart

This emoji has three hearts, the smaller ones within the bigger one. This placement creates the image of a growing heart. It usually indicates that the sender feels moved or emotional.

Beating Heart

The movement lines surrounding this heart give the impression that it is beating. It’s best utilized when your heart is racing with emotion.

Emoji Meanings in Snapchat

Snapchat users may seem to converse in a hidden code with their myriad acronyms and hashtags. Emojis are no exception, since each seemingly ordinary emoji has a unique significance on this site. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.


A Baby emoji next to a user’s name indicates that you’ve recently become their Snapchat buddy.

Yellow Heart

A Yellow Heart next to a Snapchat contact indicates the person with whom you snap the most and who likewise snaps you the most. If you continue the streak for two weeks, the yellow heart will change into a Red Heart emoji.

Two Hearts

If your Snapchat contact has a Two Hearts icon next to their name, you and they have been Snapchat #1 best friends for two months in a row.

Smiling Face

You exchange a lot of snaps with this individual, making them your Snapchat best buddy. They will, however, need to work their way up to the top rank.

Face With Sunglasses

You have a mutual best friend on Snapchat if a user has this emoji next to their name. You both send out a lot of snaps to the same individual. If your #1 best friend also becomes their #1 best friend, the emoji will become a Grimacing Face emoji.

Smirking Face

This individual sends you a lot of snaps, but you’re not as quick to respond. You’re one of their Snapchat best friends, but they’re not yours.

Gold Star

A Gold Star next to a user’s name indicates that their tale has been repeated within the last 24 hours.


A Fire emoji next to a user’s name indicates that you’ve been on a Snapstreak with them; you’ve exchanged snaps on a daily basis. A number appears next to the emoji to indicate the total number of days the streak has lasted. When you reach 100 days, the emoji will transform into a Hundred Points emoji.


The Hourglass emoji indicates that your streak with that user is coming to an end.

Birthday Cake

This emoji appears next to a Snapchat friend who is celebrating their birthday and has enabled the feature.

Emoji Meanings Hands

When you don’t talk to someone in person, you’re missing out on an important aspect of nonverbal communication: gestures. These hand emojis can help you more precisely convey your intended message.

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Waving Hand

The Waving Hand emoji is ideal for saying hello or goodbye in a friendly manner.

OK Hand

If everything is fine or you want to agree with someone’s statement or suggestion without saying anything, the OK Hand emoji is a great option.

Pinched Fingers

The Pinched Fingers emoji, a recent addition to the emoji list, is associated with an Italian gesture denoting disagreement or frustration. This emoji has a new meaning, which is much more popular on social media, and it is “chef’s kiss,” which means something is exceptionally good.

Crossed Fingers

This emoji is perfect for wishing someone good luck. You can also use it to express your desire for a positive outcome in a significant event.

Clapping Hands

Aside from the obvious congratulatory meaning, this emoji can be used to highlight words. Put a Clapping Hand emoji at the beginning and end of the statement you want to be heard clearly. A round of applause is represented by multiple consecutive Clapping Hand emojis.

Handshake Emoji

This emoji conveys agreement or consensus.

Folded Hands

Someone declares that this emoji represents a high five. While you can use emojis however you want, the Folded Hands emoji is primarily used for prayer. It’s also a popular way to express gratitude.

Raising Hands

Two hands in the air are commonly used to express success or to celebrate happy news.

Raised Fist

A raised fist in the air is a common celebratory gesture. It can represent resistance, defiance, pride, power, or solidarity depending on the context.

Nail Polish

While this emoji can always be used after a nail appointment, it has taken on a more sassy meaning. You can use it to show that you’re unconcerned, unconcerned, or unconcerned and want it to be known.

Flexed Biceps

Aside from the obvious meaning of working out, the Flexed Biceps emoji can also represent strength and endurance. It’s an ideal expression of support when your loved one has completed a difficult task or worked hard to achieve a goal.

An Emoji Is Worth a Thousand Words

It’s difficult to imagine a time when emojis weren’t a part of the conversation, thanks to the abundance of cute and lively emojis. You can express your true feelings on any occasion now that you’re familiar with the meanings of the most important and useful emojis.

Which emoji is your favorite? Have you been surprised by the meaning of an emoji from our list? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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